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Episode # 292   Aileen McCabe - Inner Peace Diet

About The Episode:

Today on the show, Natalie speaks with psychotherapist, master chef and author of ‘The Inner Peace Diet’, Aileen McCabe. Aileen joins Natalie to discuss the inspiration behind her book which explains her a one-of-a-kind system designed to help people lose weight and manage stress in new and creative ways, and without the help of fad diets or quick fixes. During the show, Aileen explains the importance of cultivating a peaceful lifestyle by practicing meditation and yoga and how these practices can help us balance our emotional and physical health. Plus, she reveals why she strongly believes that we all have the inner wisdom to manifest our deepest desires.

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Episode # 292 Aileen McCabe - Inner Peace Diet

Natalie: Today on the show, I'm speaking with Aileen McCabe. And she talks about the mind-body connection, on how important it is for us to take quiet time throughout the day. So stay tuned. (music intro) Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And today, my special guest is Aileen McCabe. How are you Aileen?

Aileen: I'm great. Thank you, Natalie. How are you?

Natalie: Great. You're looking beautiful this morning. Look at you, you look fabulous. Great.

A: And you look gorgeous.

N: Thank you. Now, we actually are going to, I've got a great subject to talk about today, which is actually about the mind-body-spirit connection, which Aileen has a lot of information about. So, why don't we start off initially with your story, Aileen. How you got into the work that you do now?

A: Well, I've worked for almost two decades as a social worker and also as a registered nurse in the health care and health field. I created the Inner Peace diet, the book, it's a bit of a work in progress now for about 10 years. And like most works you know, (fillers) it's something that I created and I teach because I need to know for myself.

N: Uh huh. (nodding)

A: So the Inner Peace diet is all about listening to that voice within and cultivating some care strategies and mindfulness strategies, you know, not only for weight loss but an overall, harmonious life.

N: Yeah, alright. So, where is your interest in this? You said you use to be, like a case worker?

A: Yes. Yeah. (nodding)

N: Yeah. So, why did that kind of work really propel you to this kind of work? What made, what was the correlation between the two?

A: I think you know, just working with people every day that had problems filled within that energy field, which most of us are (1:55). It's important to have some strategy that buoys us up and keep us connected to that sense of peace and you know, core peace.

N: (nodding) Yeah, right. And so, when you are talking about connection, like how, obviously we're talking about the connection to the soul's energy or God or whatever we like to call that, (filler) how do we do that?

A: I think through daily practice, through guided imagery, through meditation, through sitting. I also teach yoga as well, so for me, personally, doing a yoga exercise practice during the actual physical asna (2:29) is a way to stay connected to that source.

N: Yeah. Now, I love, I always called yoga my spiritual way of exercising. (laughing)

A: Yes.

N: Okay, (fillers) normally, I do yoga in the evening and I drag my butt (fillers), I love to exercise in the morning but I still feel so good afterwards.

A: Yes.

N: So, how, how do create that connection if we're doing yoga? How does that work?

A: I think it has to do with actually doing the daily practice. And then perhaps going to the journaling, like yoga practice, just being present on the mat and thinking of different ways where you could bring your yoga practice to life in daily situations, whether that be with your family or work.

N: Yeah. It's having that calmness in you as well. So, when we're talking about, you know, a yoga, is there a specific type of yoga that's better than others?

A: You know, there's over 30 different styles of yoga, as you know that are practiced here in the United States and I think it's wonderful because it gives us a great matter of choice. We can choose what's best for you. So I think it's really a matter of personal preference.

N: Yeah. (nodding)

A: If there's benefits to all of them, and it's all about tuning in, you know, if you want to do yoga, you know, for quicker peace, the yasna (3:49) type of yoga or perhaps you have some health issues or you want to take in a more gentle pace, you could do it with (3:56), classic type of yoga. So I think there is great benefits to engaging in all types of practice.

N: Yeah. I'm assuming that (fillers) cause I agree with yoga, it's finding the one that's right for you, cause there's many different ways to meditate as well.

A: Absolutely.

N: So again, is it the same principle as meditation?

A: Yeah, absolutely. With the inner peace diet, I've created different guided imageries where I'm actually walking through people with different meditations, who might have different cult time meditating on your own. You know, when I first started meditating, one of the most difficult things for me is to sit still and be with myself. I was wondering, if I was doing it right or you know, my mind is wondering is that supposed to be happening. So I think it's a great idea to start with a guide, having somebody to give you physical cues on perhaps how to sit, and ways where you can bring your (4:52) and your body.

N: Yeah. I agree. (fillers) Having no thought at all is very difficult to maintain, but having something to listen to that can lead you through the meditation so you know where your mind is going and it really helps you to stay focused in that way, right?

A: Absolutely. I mean, having thoughts occur during meditation is as natural as breathing. It is a matter of calling all your attention and energy back to the present moment, back to the meditation, back to the breath.

N: Right. And so, what are some of the benefits that you experienced, so that people experience when they go and have a regular connection with the souls on a daily basis?

A: You know, I think becoming more intuitive, more harmonious when stressful situations arise as they do for all of us, it's being able to have that ability to tap in the serenity no matter what chaos you find yourself surrounded in, there's lots of benefits.

N: Yeah, right. Excellent. So tell me about the inner peace diet? So what's that all about?

A: The inner peace diet is a book. It was originally published by (6:04) in 2008. It was written by my husband and I when I worked as a critical social worker, registered nurse and a yoga teacher and my husband's a professional chef. So together we cultivated this plan to, this healthier organic recipe that can be made in a pinch and can be made rather quickly, you know, on a little budget within 20 minutes or less. And we also designed a new yoga exercises, emotional growth exercises and we created an 8-month program, it really helps get people get in touch with that inner source. We can help them lose weight, you know maintain a healthy weight if that's something they're interested in but most importantly, you know, develop a more mindful, healthy and peaceful attitude toward life.

N: Yeah. So what we're talking about is just, rather than being dragged along by life and the whim of the situations that are happening for us, we are totally being more conscious and aware and being more personal and successful in what we create in our lives?

A: Absolutely, yes.

N: Cool. Okay. I know that you have an amazing website that you have set up as well. Tell me more about this. This is more of a community that you're building.

A: Yes, absolutely. We have the inner peace diet website, which offers yoga videos, offers recipes, some of the meditations that I was talking about earlier, the guided imageries. You know, I also featured interviews with other experts such as yourself, offering their strategies on how to live a peaceful lifestyles. It's a great program that I'm very proud of, I've been working hard on it, it's my life's work. So I'd love to share it with you.

N: Yeah, awesome. Great. So tell me what do you think is the number one, I wouldn't say mistake, but the number one thing people do that really gets them out of the alignment, you know, living in a consciously life?

A: I think the number one thing that people do to get out of alignment is looking outward. You know, toward other people, places and things for their sense of fulfilment. I think the number one step is turning inward really figuring it out what's going to really make you feel happy and connected and putting that into practice on a daily basis.

N: Yeah. Cause that's the thing, there's a lot of people that operate in the if-when paradigm. So, you know, if this happens then I'm going to be happy or if I get this car, then I'm going to be happy. But really that, that doesn't work that way.

A: Absolutely.

N: I mean this is what happy is now, within ourselves now, none of these extrinsic things will make us happy.

A: Absolutely, that's so true. It's about figuring out how you want to feel connecting with that and often time, as you know physical things that we want will come in, we just have to make room for them.

N: Yeah, absolutely. That's awesome. So, if people want to find out more about you and the work that you're doing and the community that you're building, which is amazing, where can we send them?

A: Yeah. Please come and visit me at my website, and you know, I'm happy to share guided meditation downloads with your viewers, as well as some bonus material. So stop by and visit.

N: Yeah. So, if you're someone feeling particularly stressed or overwhelmed or you're feeling your out of control in your life, being able to adapt a daily pattern like this or a daily habit of this, it can really help to make a difference. And I know since I've been meditating on a regular basis, it completely clears my mind that anything that I'm working on, any whether it's writing a book or creating a new program, so whatever it is, I always find that when I can have that regular connections with the souls, that's where I get my inspiration. So not only am I less stressful, but I get my inspiration to where to go next and it really helps me to make decisions moving forward because I think for most of us, we're just trying to push and pull things to happen all the time, but if we were to take that time to just sit back and have some quiet time and really contemplate what we are doing, we'd really be able to tap into that inspiration to give us the answers we're looking for.

A: Yes, absolutely. That's wonderful.

N: Well Aileen, thank you so much for joining me here today. It's been awesome having you.

A: Thank you so much for having me. It's really been an honor to be with you.

N: And it's an honour to be sharing your work with the world as well, because you know like I said, we all could use more of that in our life. And if you click on the banner on the side there, then you'll go straight to Aileen's website from here. And you get to share this video, you can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Tweeter share buttons, make sure you download the app if you haven't done so already because you can watch the shows on the go, you don't have to be in front of your computer and make sure that you leave your email on the box above, cause I would love to send you the manifesting with the masters e-course. It's got masters like bob proctor, john assaraff, and joe vitale. It's actually valued at $87 and I would love to send it to you for free. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. See you soon.

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