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Episode # 57   A Mind Movie for Your Pets!

About The Episode:

Have you ever wanted to see what kind of Mind Movie your pet would make? In today's bonus episode, we show you a digital dream board from your dog or cat's point of view. It's too cute to miss.

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Episode # 57 A Mind Movie for Your Pets!

A Mind Movie for Your Pets!

(Episode #57)

My life is Purrfect.

I nap whenever I choose

I have a great support group

I get belly rubs every hour

I have a Cool owner

I am a celebrity around town

I accept and live the size and shape of my body

I enjoy exploring new Territories

I have a Regal name

I make people smile

I am well groomed

When I meow people listen

I run and play when I choose

Or get carried when I feel lazy

My wardrobe compliments my lifestyle

Even when I'm bad I am still loved

I live a life of leisure

I am surrounded by Treats

I always find the perfect cuddle spot

Humans amuse me

Doggonit people like me

I am Loved.

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