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Episode # 177   7 Step Formula To Effectively Apply The Law Of Attraction

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell shares her powerful 7 Step Formula To Effectively Apply The Law of Attraction into daily life immediately. During the show, Ledwell explains that because she also felt frustration in the beginning implementing The Law of Attraction in her own life many years ago so she wanted to reveal the steps that helped her break through limiting beliefs regrind money, health, relationships and self confidence. Ledwell breaks down the exact steps that anyone can implement in their life immediately to fuel success and happiness. Ledwell takes the user through powerful strategies to rid negative thoughts and attract positive opportunities and individuals with ease.

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Episode # 177 7 Step Formula To Effectively Apply The Law Of Attraction

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today I'm going to answer a question that I'd get asked probably more than any other question and that is this. Normally the question I'd get asked is: Natalie just tell me what to do? What do I need to do to be able to apply the law of attraction successfully? So, what I've actually done is gone through and devised a seven step formula to actually be able to apply the law of attraction consistently and with success. So, what I'm gonna do is actually go through the seven step formula now.

Now, step number one, and this is one that most people do forget, is that we actually need to start from our happy place. We need to start from a positive vibration which is really important. I mean the thing is we wanna become a vibrational master to those things that we wanna attract; we need to be in a positive vibration anyway. Now when I say positive vibration, I don't mean, "Overjoyed, annoying everyone with your over the top happiness, that's not what I mean at all." You know, emotions like joy, or peace, or contentment, or optimism or happiness, these are all positive vibrations. And the more consistently that we can maintain it throughout the day, the more like a manifesting magnet we become.

Now, when you're in this positive vibration, what you do is you're setting your goals from a place of inspiration and not desperation. Now your goals won't be aligned with your highest vibration because if you're not in your highest vibration, yourself at the time, that actually affects the goal that you're working towards. So, how do we get into a positive vibration? How do we start from our happy place? Well, it's very simple, basically, all you need to do is do something that makes you feel good. It can be anything, you're going to see a movie, spending time with your family. You know my guilty pleasure is reading People magazine and having a nice glass of wine. It could be walking nature, anything that makes you feel good. You could be of service to others, you can leave extra coins in the meter, or you help a neighbor, or volunteer or anything like that. And the more consistently that you can do that and being this positive vibration, and in this "happy place", the easier it is for you to manifest it into your life.

Now, number two of this formula, is to set your intention. It is very important that you actually set an intention of what it is that you want to attract or what it is that you want to achieve. The thing is many times before, we probably said "Well, I really like to get this new car. I really like to get this new job." And we think about it, but then something will come along the way which kind of push us off track. So, what we really need to do is to set an intention and your intention is, it's a statement, that is infused with emotion of absolute resolve, that no matter what, you will achieve this goal. And by doing this, what you're doing is putting the universe to attention and going "You know what, I'm serious this time. I'm really, this is my intention." So, your statements should start with the words "No matter what, I will be 120 pounds. No matter what, I will earn $10,000 per month." So, make sure that when you read these intention-statement, that whenever you look at this and you state this out loud, you wanna make sure that you infused it with emotion, and then the universe would start moving and conspiring to provide all the people, resolves the idea that you need to reach your goal.

Okay, step number three, is to get clear on what it is that you want. You know, if you wanna earn $10,000 per month, what does that look like? Do you generate this through a business, through a career? How does this money affect your life? What does life look like now that you're earning $10,000 per month? And what do you do with this money? And why do you want this amount? So really think about those things. You know if you have a weight loss goal, how does it affect your life? How does it affect your energy level? Just think about exactly what it is that you want and start to write these things down on paper. Now, once you've get an idea of what it is that you want, step four, is to articulate these goals in affirmations.

Now the language that we use around our goals is very, very important. For example, if I say the words "I am debt free", this is not actually an affirmation. Because when I say the word debt, what it is that you see in your mind? When I say the word debt, I actually see myself several years ago, sitting at my desk at my home office with all these bills, and this really small amount of money in my bank account, thinking "How am I ever gonna get out of this?" So you don't include the words that you don't want to attract. So, rather than saying, "I am debt free", you will say something like "I am financially free". Or "I have an abundance of wealth". Or "money flows easily to me", or any one of those affirmations. So, you're actually focusing on what it is that you want. And the reason that we run affirmations, is to really help with visualizing our mind, us actually living this new life or achieving this goal.

So, there's actually five types of affirmations that you want to include in your list to make sure that you've actually, completely and wholly, describe this goal for you. So, the first type of affirmation, is your goal affirmation. You know, what it is that you want? $10,000 a month, be a size 6, to be in a loving and perfect relationship. So, you have the actual goal affirmation. The next type of affirmation is, describing what life is like, now you've achieved this. So, we talked before about getting clear about what you want. Now, describe these things in affirmations, is this already happening. You know, are you waking up late in the morning? Are you doing philanthropic work? Are you spending more time with your family? And what those things are as affirmations.

The next type of affirmation, are your why affirmations. Why are you stepping outside of your comfort zone? Why are you going this extra effort? Why are you doing all these different things? Because the thing is, if your goal is big enough, chances are you will come across challenges and that's just the way things work. But if you remember and keep focusing on why you're going to do these things, it's like this burning motivation to keep moving forward and so, that actually helps you to get through these challenges as well. So it really focuses on why. Do you wanna make your parents proud? Do you wanna make your family proud? Do you wanna do this for yourself, so you feel better, so you got more energy? Just think about those type of things and write them down as affirmations as well.

The next type of affirmation, is your action affirmations. So, what do you need to do, to actually achieve this goal? Now, give you a little bit of a hint here, you don't actually have to know the whole plan. You just need to know what the first step is and what the second step is. And you just need to take some action in that direction, so you can create some momentum, to give the universe the opportunity to step in and do it's job, which is to provide the people and the opportunities, and the chance meetings and all those serendipity's things that you could never plan for, to make sure that they throw them your way. So, if you have a weight loss goal, what changes are you making to your exercise and your diet, and make sure that you write them down, so, when you're going through the affirmations, you actually remind yourself that these are the things that you're doing. You know, if you have a monetary goal, think about what it is that you're doing to create this extra income. You gotta be researching a new business to get into. Are you gonna do some kind of calls that will actually help you to create new skills, so that you can actually create these incomes. So, think about those type of things and write them down as action affirmations.

And then the fifth type of affirmation, is your forth affirmations. You know, what it is that you need to think, to be able to create these goal in your life? You know, most of us, whenever we set ourselves a goal, or something that we wanna achieve. We go write this, what we wanna gonna do and then the little negative thought process that's coming up in our mind, and coming up with all these reasons why we can't do it and why it's not for us. So, what we wanna do, is when we're working towards our goal, just take time to think about what comes up for you, what thoughts keep coming for you, on a regular basis that you may not be aware of? Write them down and then choose the opposite and positive of that. So, if you keep thinking things like "I can't create these income because I don't know how." Then, the affirmation and the new thought that you wanna adapt would be "I easily learned how to create income in my life." So, through repetition, what we're doing is focusing on these new thoughts and by doing these repetition, we create a neuro-pathway in our brain, so now, these new thoughts stuff become our full back thoughts, rather than these negative programming that's been going through our mind, over and over again, for years, and years and years.

Okay, now step number five in this formula, is to visualize with emotion daily. Now, here is a very important part. First of all, for the law of attraction to work, you need to have to see in your mind, that you have already achieve this goal. But when you're doing this, you also need to feel the emotion of being able to achieve this as well. Because the emotion is your vibration and your vibration is energy, and this is the language that the universe understands. So, the more repetitively that you visualize, you're tricking your subconscious mind into thinking that this is your reality. And so, what you start to do is thinking and act differently because this is now you're new reality. But when you infused these visualizations with your emotion, you are putting the universe on high alert, so that you can, a list of all the help that's gonna send your way to make sure that they can help you achieve your goal.

Step number six, is to take action. Like I mentioned before, you don't need to know the whole plan, you just need to know what the first few steps are. You need to create that momentum, so the universe can step in and help you. And then step number seven, is to be aware of the help that's coming your way. Because if you're doing those previous six steps, by law, by universal law of attraction, help will be coming your way. And the thing is, you could be doing those previous six steps but unless you're actually getting your butt off the couch and being in a place where you can have that serendipity's meeting. Or where you can, you know get that action and people will be thinking about you, and call you for that interview, you need to be moving to be able to do that. So, be aware of all the action that's coming your way because it will with the law of attraction and the universe throwing them your way. So, guys I hope that you enjoyed that seven step formula, very easy formula to be able to apply the law of attraction.

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