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Episode # 127   5 Secret Tips to Being Extraordinary

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell answers, in this special episode.... What do extraordinary people have in common, and what does that have to do with the Law of Attraction? Learn how to use visualization and the Law of Attraction to take the fastest path to being extraordinary. Even using one of these tactics will make an incredible difference to your personal development. Overcome self-sabotage caused by limiting beliefs and lack of motivation, and discover what really inspires you, so you can determine the fastest path to your goal.

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Episode # 127 5 Secret Tips to Being Extraordinary

Natalie Ledwell : Today on the show I share five secret tips to be extraordinary and they're not what you think so stay tuned.

Hi, it's Natalie Ledwell here and I'm really excited for you because in ten minutes from now you know five secret tips being extraordinary, tips that you start implementing as soon as today. So, you're ready for them? Alright let's just jump straight in. So, number one is "don't dismiss anything as impossible." Now, failure and defeat starts from within and if you don't believe in yourself and you would do me your efforts before you even begin. Now, I wanna share a powerful story that perfectly illustrates this. So, imagine this: it's near 9:54, serious runners had been recording of their times up on measured race tracks for well every century but at that time no one had ever been able to run of full mile in less than 4minutes in fact it was believe that it was pretty much impossible for any human being to run that fast for that long, yet in May of 1954 a man by the name of Roger Bannister shocked everyone when he broke the four-minute barrier and ran a full mile in just three minutes and fifty-nine seconds. Though dedicated athletes had been trying to accomplish this so-called "impossible feat" for years and years, within just a few months of the record of being broken for the first time two more people clocked in their own four-minute miles. Now, since then hundreds of people have done it, and the current record -for running the mile is now down to three minutes and fort-three seconds. Now, once people believe that it was possible to run a mile that fast, tons of people could do it. Yet, the same athlete only a year before the record was first broken, couldn't push past that barrier. Now, don't let yourself be locked in like the rest of the population, totally constricted by imaginary boundaries that only exist in their minds. The fact of the matter is, is that you can only accomplish what you actually believe is possible. So your first step to an extraordinary life is to take the attitude that anything is possible and you'll be surprise of how often the world yields to this new unexpected possibilities for you. Okay, so number two, be completely certain that you can overcome any obstacle. When I leaving with my car and head out somewhere, I'm never thinking about the obstacles that may come up against, never think like the traffic and possible road works and people in their cars, like I know I would be able to handle all of them. But when I was first learning to drive a car I felt completely overwhelmed, you there's so much to pay attention to like first I'm the one who first learning how to drive. Now you have the physical process of learning how to drive a car, you know.., first you need to learn all the road rules, you know.., you're not really sure you're going most of the time, you don't know where to park, and to throw another range in to your plans for driving, you also have all those other drivers on the road that you have to contend with as well. But there's a seventeen-year-old girl I was determined and confident that I could overcome any obstacle because I knew that the rewards were worth a hundred times more over and as a result in an amazingly short amount of time I acclimatized all kinds of obstacles and now deal with them totally automatically. In fact driving is such a small deal, that often don't consciously focus on what I am doing I'm certainly not worried about anything that might happen along the way. Now you need to take this same amount of attitude whenever you are going after a goal. You don't need to worry about all the obstacles along the way you will deal with them one by one until there will be no more feat in your life. Now when I was first starting with my own business as a small town country goal in Austria, this is the only thing that saved me, when I got started I had no usable skills, just a dream and the will to make sure that my dreams come true. Now I had no idea about all nags that we are going to face ahead yet I just remained confident and dealt with each one of them as they came. Sometimes I needed to ask for help, sometimes I needed to take a new approach but no matter what, I never let any obstacle to turn me from my goals. So step number 2 is to remain 100% confident that you can overcome any obstacle just keep your eye on the price and believe deep down to your core and everything else will work itself out. As long as you keep this attitude, you can make miracles come true. Okay number 3, when you discover a new opportunity or get a GREAT IDEA, don't start tomorrow, don't start next week, TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW! Now this is a tactic that you'll hear over and over from all of the achievers all over the world because honestly this just works. This is also one of the things an average person doesn't wanna hear but this is absolutely crucial to a success. The harsh truth is this; if you haven't taken any action to achieve the goal then you haven't really made it a true goal. You see action and achievement is closely intertwined, that it is really impossible to separate them, that's why taking action right now is crucial to lasting change. Now there is something magical that happens in your brain once you get your first win towards achieving your dreams, now this rush you to propel to your next win. This step gets easier once you get your momentum; so truly, the huge secret about long term success is that the world rewards people who take action. Now its crazy how sometimes you could take action even though you realize later that seemingly you made the wrong action. These actions will take you to new opportunities and opening up doors for you. Sometimes these doors are better than you could have ever imagined before. The truth is people are getting new ideas all of the time. Now some people have ideas glimmering on the back of their minds while some flashes occasional passion. But most people end talking to themselves without taking action about it. Or they tell themselves, that they'll pursue that idea someday, after this or after that happens yet when you take an immediate action on that idea the universe will recognize your intention and send opportunities to you. So would you believe it's a attraction in action or although human psychology its true, but more importantly, when you are inspired by an idea you start with so much passion about it and if you take action right then, you can use that rush of idea and enthusiasm that comes up to a new idea that will spur you into creating a new momentum that what most people do is lose that drive slowly bit by bit as they do further and further from the moment of inspiration. This is my procrastination is another form of self-sabotage, some people use this procrastination to keep them from reaching out and taking the opportunities heading to them like tips on the universe, which takes me to secret number 4, Do away with procrastination once and for all. Overcoming procrastination is something I get to asked over and over. And to be totally real with you, I can't say that I never procrastinate, what I had done is putting in to the control of the procrastination over my life. Now few people say that procrastination is part of the personality. Now have you ever heard someone tell you, that waiting to the last minute is the only way that you can get anything done? But the truth is, procrastination stems from the leavening belief that taking action right now is going to be more painful than doing nothing, and when people is waiting for the last minute to do something its because the immediate pain of not doing the task becomes so real that they cannot be ignored anymore. The unfortunate thing is that you can never do your best when your doing something at the last minute, if your last minute efforts to anything like mine, you might always realize that the whole thing is gonna take away more time than you actually initially thought. Now never mind the incredibly like nights and the stress , you know as you hurry to finish everything up. But worst of all, is when you put something off, you literally lost your chance off, when you let procrastination completely destroy your opportunity, that you knew that you had, the only way to overcome procrastination, is to keep in your mind the truth that in the long run, in the future, you will experience more pain, that resulted to doing nothing now. Now when you consider putting something off, even just for a second, you need to remember that each second that passes makes it more likely that you will lose your chance at this incredible opportunity in front of you right now. If you can't excel at getting your goals, it's time to start finding new ones that do rouse passion in you. Whatever the things that hold you in your back, that it may be tough to started on something new, you know if just rather do just something easier more accountable for right now, you need to realize that the long term suffering from never following through is worse than anything that you could experience from putting yourself out from your comfort zone right this very instant. Now remember that anything is possible and you can handle any obstacle but you have to take some action no matter how small before you have officially started on anything. Okay so number 5, Get clear on what you really want out of life, now this last one is actually the most important secret I'm going to share to you, and if you follow what I'm about to tell you, you'd discover this one piece of advice, is the absolute quickest way to achieve any goal. And it's not a fancy trick, and this method is tantalizingly simple, in fact is so simple that most of the people completely overlook at it. They think they already know what they need to know. But the truth is, you need to be totally clear about what you actually want to achieve it, if you wanted to determine the fastest path to achieving your goal. Now this is something that can't wait, this is something you need to know right now, if you are ready to create massive success in your life, and no matter how much you think you know what you really want, I'm telling you that you don't have total clarity and to know specific measurable details about your goals. So let me give an example, if I had the goal of getting rich, losing weight and traveling the world, then there are many ways to get there, and the many tasks I could take, now I could try a little of this and a little of that, and I always feel like I'm working high towards achieving my goals. But when I spread my efforts seemingly across so many different areas, it becomes almost impossible to achieve huge massive change that really transforms your life. But if I take same amount of effort, and a channel of achieving only one goal of amazingly light focus, I promise you that the result will start coming in so quickly it gives you whiplash, now you will hear this over and over again from people who have created monumental success for their lives overnight. Something happens that causes them to mentally decide to zoom in on one goal and then they make it happen almost in magic. So ask yourself, what is the number one thing that you are trying to achieve and what does life look like now that you have achieved it? So if money is your goal, what does having money mean to you? Now it doesn't mean that you wanna have enough money to travel the world or that just mean that you want enough to pay your bills with plenty of money left over, maybe you want the prestige of any business, so maybe it's because you wanna have the ability to work less and spend more time with your friends and family. Once you truly know the answers to these questions and you could keep a clear picture of the goals you'd like to achieve in your mind, as you make decisions about how to use your time, then you would start seeing your goals speeding towards you in real life.

So there you have it, 5 secret steps to being extra ordinary. Now I encourage you to share this video and any information by clicking the Facebook and twitter buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the books above there. I would love to send you my Man's official with the master's video A course. It includes master like, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale. There you have it, $87 and I would love to send it to you for free. So make sure you put your emails on the box there to get that. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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