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Episode # 75   2012 - What will happen?

About The Episode:

Today, Natalie Ledwell discusses the whole 2012 phenomenon. This year, finding and pursuing your passion seems to be on the tip of everyone's tongue. Why is 2012 so important? Natalie talks about the Mayan Armageddon prophecy, the crazy global weather we've been experiencing, as well as what the expected cosmic alignment that will occur on Dec 21, 2012 might mean for us. Learn what you need to do to prepare for 2012!

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Episode # 75 2012 - What will happen?

Natalie : So today on the show, I will be discussing the phenomena surrounding 2012 and what action should we be taking. So stay tuned.

So why is 2012 so important? Now I don't know about you but this year on 2012, seems to feel completely different in every other year. Now we really feel that we've accomplished so much and its only early March, now there seems to be an urgency to getting things done and learning new things and evolving. So if you have a message or if you have a contribution to make, now seems to be the time to pursue it. Now I don't know if you're feeling that but I've been feeling that a lot this year. Finding and following your passion is at the tip of everybody's tongue and not intentionally has become the fame of all my shows for this month. So what is all the fuss about in 2012? Well some are predicting Armageddon, some are predicting an evolution of mankind, some are furiously buying silver and gold and others are stocked food and water. Well my research uncovered few phenomena explained what are the who are is all about. Now first of all the most talked about prophecy is the Mayan calendar. Now the minds were master mathematicians, absolutely obsessed with calendars. Now by also had a calendar for consciousness, and this calendar outline what humanity would do and when. Now this calendar has been accurate, everything from walls to the rise of new religions. Now it also covers the entire revolution of the universe and it ends on December 21st 2012. Now my friend Don Ruiz was the author of the four agreements and he's also a Toltec Shaman, there's its just the end of the calendar, it's nothing more. And I'm gonna be interviewing him very soon on this topic so watch this phase. Now second is December 21st 2012 also happens to be the exact date that our sun and our Earth and the center of the milky way galaxy will be perfectly in line. Now not only does this happen for every 26 thousand years it brings with it a very profound an electromagnetic frequency or vibration which some claim explains the extreme weather our earth has been experiencing likely. So what does this do to consciousness? Well some believed that we are in a virtue of a new beginning for humanity, so people like Oprah or Shelly Mclain, Bobermax Habit, Jack Khanfield and more are encouraging us our atomic house in order to prepare for the changes that is coming. So Look at for some upcoming interview with Jack and Bober and more people on this amazing topic as well. Now third, in 1139 A.D., St. Malkhai was on his way to Rome, and when into this exotic trench, now in this trench, he listed a hundred and twelve post that would reign before the end of the church, before the end of times. Now Pope Benedict the XVI is number one hundred and eleventh, I don't know what to say about that but that's one of the predictions that are coming up as well. So next, signs and the prophecy of Nostradamus agreed that a polished ship will look here between 2007 and 2012. Well we're witnessing this right now with all the crazy weather around the planet, and also the Nostradamus also predicted an apocalyptic end to the world, and we surely Nostradamus predictions are coming true, like the rise of Hitler, and the struck back of crash in 1929 a months happens. Some people actually putting a little weight behind this predictions as well. Now then you have all the modern day observations of the existing financial situation of the world, now the US is 12 trillion dollars in debt, whole countries like Greece, Italy, and Island are financially bankrupt, and the house of card system that came crushing down in 2008 crippling every individuals and mopping our banks around the world has just become unbearable. Movements like occupy wall street and the over triangle Egyptian dictator and the unrest of the Middle East, awaking people like you and me up to the Clayton hypocracy and the greed of the over rich and the powerful. Now we'd had enough and something has to change, things cannot go on the way they are and people on mass become very restless about these things. Now all these things are coming to ahead this year, and the date that keeps popping out is December 21st 2012. So what should we do? What should we believe? Well this is how I look at things, I believe that we choose our own reality, now through our choices we can create a life that we want. So whatever you focus on, you give any in need you do and you visualize the emotions of coming through to you will come true. Now the economic fall out of 2008 affected means of people around the world, and I don't for one second wanted discount the severity of the situation. But it didn't affect everyone, I know many people who been experiencing the most financially successful years of their lives since September of 2008. Now there's no reason why this can't be true to you if you choose it too. You may need to think differently or do things differently than what you've done before but you can't create the future that you want. Here's what I know, the rules are gonna change, the games are gonna change, but that's life, it happens all the time, and if we had our house together, comically, if we have the basic principles of success, and we had those habits all are in our make-up already, I think that whatever comes, we will be equipped to be able to deal with it. Now I agree wholeheartedly that there are some massive changes happening this year. I mean it has to be, the current system of world finances, unpayable debt, excessive money printing cannot be sustained. The truth is that there is enough to go around to everyone, and the days of children anywhere in the world dying on starved they should have malnutrition is unacceptable. Its time for humanity as a whole to realize that we are all connected and what we want is happening to you is happening to me. It's time for us to step up. Now on this show, I'm gonna focus on the positive aspect, and the positive change is coming this year. I'm also gonna be making sure that I do my best to supply this much information, so that you can apply this success principles in your life and so that you'd be prepared for any changes that would come. Now I will be interviewing people like Jack, Khanfield, Miguel Ruiz, Bobermax Hobit, and many more on the evolution of mankind and dispelling the mix where I can, Now I'll be painting a positive picture of where will we end up this year to give you specific information to help you visualize your bright and successful future. So hope you've enjoyed today's show. I encourage you to share this information and you can do that by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. And if you hadn't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above there because we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date on all our upcoming shows. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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