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Episode # 145   101 Powerful Affirmations

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks with Yee Shun-Jian, the originator of the popular personal development Facebook community, 101 Affirmations. Yee Shun-Jian started 101 affirmations'as a non-profit organization to inspire and motivate individuals to follow their dreams with a positive mindset. Today, Yee Shun-Jian has thousands of fans and has even written a book describing the 101 affirmations he used to change his life. Yee Shun-Jian strives to expand his community even further and spread the knowledge of powerful affirmations.

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Episode # 145 101 Powerful Affirmations

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Yee Shun Jian who traveled all the way from Singapore to be in the studio with me. Now he talks about how he uses powerful affirmations to absolutely turn his world around and how he can do that for you as well. So stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. And today my special guest is Yee Shun Jen. Hi Yee Shun Jian how are you?

Yee: Hi I'm good, very good to be here.

Natalie: Good to see you. Now Shun Jian actually has a very interesting title he is the Founder-In-Chief Happiness Officer of the 101 Powerful Affirmations community of Facebook.

Yee: Yes.

Natalie: So as you could imagine this is why I have him here. Actually Shun Jian is one of the top partners with Mind Movies and he is here for a weekend with this. And we have to take this opportunity, getting him in here and to talk about his book and his amazing story. He's got a really, really interesting story, so if you are one of these people that have had success and then lost it, and then come back again, then you are really gonna be able to relate to Shun Jian's story. So let's first start with, with... ok so you live in Singapore?

Yee: Yes. I flew 26 hours to be in here.

Natalie: Yeah, I know it's a marathon because I know you're coming from Australia but not 26 hours as for the hours or so, so very long. Okay so tell us a little bit about your story or how that came about.

Yee: Okay, so basically, 5 years ago I was in a normal corporate job and I hated it okay, but my mom... I come from a traditional Asian feminine featured right, so my mom is like work hard, study hard, work hard get a good job so that you are set for life, alright.

Natalie: Your parents are like that?

Yee: Yeah, I think America was like that. So, I was like ok fine. I'll just try that strategy so I did that and men sank. Now this is so, I don't know about US but in Singapore there's no such thing as night to morning, it's more of 8:30AM to 10PM. And basically that means you don't have time for anything else, right? So I was in this corporate job, it looks glamorous on the outside but I didn't have a social life, everything in my life was falling apart, and I decided to quit my job. And one of the motivational, because I hated the job definitely, but another reason, main reason is my dad was very sick at that point. In 2004, my dad was diagnosed with Sciatica Syndrome, which is a very rare illness, caused by the complications of asthma attack. And the doctor told as at once at that point that he only has 3 to 5 years to live, and that saddened me. So in 2007, when I quit my job, it was the point when he had major lapses, he was just lying in the bed and he was being all by himself, and I thought; "There's no way I'm gonna stay in this job." I know the job is getting me the money to pay for his medical fees but if I'm staying in job, anything happens to him, and I just got a call to go to the hospital, no, no, no, no! I'm gonna quit my job, I don't care how I'm gonna get money, I'm gonna quit my job, stay at home and look after him, and make the money to support him. So that's how I went to internet marketing, because that's one of the best ways to do it. so when I went in, I was doing 847 Minds that show and figure-out everything by myself, everything in my mind. One day, my mom came into my room, I was just doing my work, intensively doing my work, she's like; "What are you doing?" I said, "I'm working, right?" she said, "No you're not working." I said, "What do you mean?" she said, "If you're working, where's the money?" because in normal job you get salary every month, but when you're an entrepreneur it's different, so I said, "It's different, I'm an entrepreneur, the money is coming in but not yet." She said, "You got a degree, a good degree from a university, you told me you don't want to do your job because, here... and you quit your job, now you work staying at home playing games." I said "Mom!"...

Natalie: She thought you're playing computer games.

Yee: Yeah! she's like, "You gave up, your significant job and you're here playing computer." "I'm not! I'm religiously doing my work." So in the end she's like, "Show me the proof." So I said, "Mom, ok remember when I quit my job we had an agreement?" it's always good to make an agreement. So I said, "I told you within one year, if I don't make it, if I don't succeed, you know what you can tell me to do whatever you want, I will just do it because there's nothing else I could do." So she said, "fine, ok, fine, fine, fine." But everyday she's nagging at me right? So I say, that's true she knows how to drive me. So I thought, I was like, "oh, that's 5 more months." I had to change strategy, so I attended a lot of different seminars; I maxed out some of my credit cards 20+ thousand dollars at once just to attend seminars. And one of the seminars I attended was like Key of Beggars, Me and My Intensive, and it made us do stupid things right.

Natalie: So Key of Beggars has a tendency to let... to get people out of their comfort zone?

Yee: Yeah, so they made us do... the point which I thought of stupid things like; sing affirmations and then moving your hands around while you're doing it because you know, subconsciously it changes the movement...

Natalie: Interrupts the pattern, yes.

Yee: So I was like; "this is crazy, this is stupid." But I was like; I have here 5 more months' right? Heck yeah! I'm gonna do it.

Natalie: You'll do anything.

Yee: Yeah I'll do whatever it takes, morally, ethically, and so to get my success. And so I started using affirmations and stuff and then within a month, within a month, I started seeing... come, coming... ok I was amazed because... of course I changed my strategies, I put my need to anything else, I started seeing money coming. What I did was I stewed it up, put more money in and gradually it hit 6 figures. I was so; it was so amazing you know why? This is the best part, it's not about just money of course, the best part is this; when I got my first 5-figure check, I was like; "Mom! Come into the room." She's like, "why? Why? Why?"

Natalie: Yeah there's your proof.

Yee: She cried, I cried. It was so you know; it's like when you see your mom, your family, your loved one, your parents like, yeah...

Natalie: In short she was very proud.

Yee: She was. I was in a... I updated my Facebook; "I made my mom proud."

Natalie: Excellent.

Yee: Yeah, and I was just sharing with you, ok that would have been a great end of the story right? But it doesn't end there, because what happened was; last year I made a really same mistake, ok? Oh yeah I wrote the 101 Affirmation's eBook after I got all necessities and everything so I shifted with everybody the most powerful 101 affirmations that I used you know, to...

Natalie: So these were the powerful affirmations that you actually used as you, you know regain that success?

Yee: Yes, yes, when I was getting the 6 figure in come and then I was attracting all the positive things into my life because as you know, when you start to, you know attract more wealth, abundance into your life, everything else shift you know. Your relationships get better, with my mom, she was no assurance over with the money, but when I showed her the 5-figure check, she's like that you know, and with my friends, I started attracting more positive people into my life so everything changed, that's when I wrote the book, the EBook, and I wanted to inspire people and say, "hey you know, this thing works. You could do it." Yeah, so like I said, this is not the end of the story. What happened was, one year ago... so I've been making Guttmann for the past few years, I was yeah, I go compromising. You know, previously I was doing my morning routine using affirmations and everything, that's why when Mind Movies are coming, I'll tell you more about it. so, I thought it was tedious you know because you have to go to the mirror and like, "I am strong, I am powerful, I am confident!" and you know, so I got caparisoned because the money was just coming easily everything, I didn't care about it anymore, I was just like you know, I'm just doing my thing.

Natalie: Alright.

Yee: Then, what happened was, I made a stupid decision, I took all my money, all my savings, I was thinking, "Hey, since I made good money in marketing, and then I can do it in other areas right." I took all my money, I put in into stocks, I bought the stock in 150, I went on a holiday, see how caparisoned it was, I went on a holiday, when I came back, the US deposing was raised over my recent doing so SMP down rated, long story short, 150, when I came back dropped to 2 cents. And victory overnight, my, you know, like I almost became bankrupt.

Natalie: Right.

Yee: And that was the point when I was like; "Shit I need to wake-Up!"

Natalie: Yeah, yeah, so what was the lesson, like you know, you've come home, like money is gone! What's the lesson that you've learned from that?

Yee: Well, ok I wrote this book post called; "Your Little Painful Lessons that I learned". And the lesson that I learned was that, wow, ok, I needed to refocus on my mission. Ok, rather than you know, doing anything, I needed to just refocus on my mission which is to touch lives and bring more wealth to enjoy the world. and that was how I started to become prosperous and everything, right? But along the way I lost everything about it so I was like, "ok, I really need to do this." And I started this Facebook community called; A 101 Powerful Affirmations, just to share the affirmations from my EBook and also different affirmations which, which of course I think is powerful with the world.

Natalie: So you've really, that you've started the Facebook community because, really your core mission is to help as many people as you can.

Yee: Yes.

Natalie: And you're doing it not through any of the affirmations that you use but through your life lessons that you've learned and everything as well.

Yee: Yes, yes. So I started this Facebook community and, you know I didn't have the money, it was just, it started as a non-profit thing, but now it's doing very well. So it started as a non-profit thing, I just wanted to reach out to more people, share with them my affirmations and change their life. so I knew that, in order to get attraction and stuff, I needed a big goal, I needed to get the tipping point, so I set a goal, I said, in 2 months, I don't know how I'm gonna do that, I don't care how I'm gonna do that, in 2 months, I'm gonna hit 10,000 likes ok? And so I set this goal, but when I went out, you know I attended a lot of seminars, so they said... whatever goal you set, they always say, "It's too small, you must put another zero at it." so I put another zero behind it, so I went out and said, "Hey everybody, my name is Shun Jian, and the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of this Facebook community called 101 Powerful Affirmations and then my goal is to get a hundred thousand likes in 2 months." Almost everybody I met was like; you can see it in their eyes...

Natalie: What?

Yee: Yeah! this guy is crazy, but you know like I said, I talked to 10 people at least I know 8 people think I'm crazy, 1 and 2 are crazing not to join me. They just don't join, they just, and "I like that." You know they are as crazy as me. So I'm gonna like and share these affirmations and you know, on every time I reach on Facebook, each president on Facebook has at least 3 to 500 hundred friends, so when they started liking and sharing my stuff, 3 to 5 hundred other people get to see it, and when they like it, it was starting to spread. And I want to share of you a story, like I deal a lot of crazy stuff along the way of how I built up the Facebook community, but it's aligned with Mind Movies mission or so, which is to touch one percent at a time. So when I step out, that was what I was doing. I just went out and talked to people one on one, I was at this wedding dinner, and it was amazing. This wedding dinner, it was 11 November 2011; it's like all conscious day right? 11-11-11, so I went there, I was just sitting down, started talking to this guy who was seated beside me, I was telling him about, one on one, I was telling him why I was doing it, cause of changing lives, you know. One of the affirmations or cause at my community at that point was this, ok, do you know a lot of, women especially, and if they are single they feel really sorry about themselves? Do you agree? I mean...

Natalie: They can, yes...

Yee: I mean not all, but there's this portion of it.

Natalie: Yes.

Yee: So they have this thinking that goes like, "I am single, that means I'm unattractive or, nobody wants me." What's going to happen, they're going to attract all the zero relationships and stuff right? So I have this course which says, I AM SINGLE and you have got to be amazing to change that. Do you see the shift? You know, it's totally shifting the way you look at the thing and when you do that, you know when you're coming in from the anger, you feel different right?

Natalie: I love that, I am single and you have got to be amazing to be able to change that.

Yee: YES!

Natalie: YES!

Yee: And because once I posted that, they are, wow! I was gonna comment, everybody was like; "wow this is what I released from me." And this is what, this is how I know, the affirmations course is changing the world. so I was just having this guy was like sharing the story, "hey this is what I'm doing, this is what I'm doing." And then he said, "ok, cool, cool." I said, "can you help me out? you know. I want to touch a hundred thousand. I it's like can you help me out? blah blah blah." Ok and he said, "do you agree to that and share?" and I said, "ok thank you. Cash rains praises of you" and he said why, I was like, oh no I'm just, let me just change positions with you. And he said ok, talking to the next person, going one whole round the table.

Natalie: So you got the basic to talking to one, and this is the real awesome story I love about, about the stories that, you know you have these goal and it's not like with most people who wanted to build a community on Facebook, we are always looking at it online ways to do that, but you were like, NO, I'm out there, I'm talking to people, I know that you have overcome public speaking to stand up in front of people to tell them your mission and this is the mission that some people go, "are you crazy???" like this is crazy except your so focused on it and your so focused on helping other people that you're making them a message for change. It's awesome.

Yee: Let me share a story of the... ok, when I was younger, I was very self-conscious and I hated public speaking because I got teased and bullied a lot in school, so I went to the doctor and he said, "You know you had a tiny and shorter tongue than normal people, so pronunciation wise can be perfect." So then I would pronounce things like, "day" d-a-y as "gay" so I got teased so bad especially by guys in my school, so I'm not gonna do public speaking, I'm just shining away from everybody, just staying at my own space and not talking to people. When I had to do university projects I said, "hey you know what, leave me with the page project, the document, let me do it, you guys present. "as long as I don't have to present, you know. But while I was doing this, on this road to this mission, I know that you know, besides talking one on one which I'm more comfortable with, now, I had to talk to a group of people, because that's how I get to that bridge right? So I have to overcome this fear of public speaking, so why this was. One day, I got an email from my alumni, saying that this guy, I'm from comforting, so this guy is sharing his, like about buying his programming book, so they are getting 20 to 30 people into a room, to assemble with this guy. And what enticed me was this, behold the email said, "Anybody else who has anything else to say, you have 3 minutes." So I went there, ok I want to share with you guys the power of asking, because one very crucial success that was there, was I was just asking people to like and share and sharing them why. So I went up to this organizer and said; "Hey you know what..." I have this, because I have the premier in the way that would be relevant to audience right, programmer, so I said. "I have this, super cool social media project and I wanted to share this to this group of people." He's like, "ok you have 3 minutes." I said, "I can't do it in 3 minutes. Can you give me more time?" and he said, "ok, tell me one but keep it short." So ok I said, in average right? I asked my friend to take the IPhone, my IPhone to take a video of the thing, so I don't have to repeat myself so many times right.

Natalie: Clever!

Yee: So, I was talking to a group with 20 to 30 people, I went up there, I put up the screen, my Facebook community, immediately, I caught their attention because one thing I did was I didn't... you know when you have a Facebook notification and a new like, a new comment, you are supposed to click it off, I didn't, so when I opened up the Facebook community, there's like 2k in the likes and you notification line and so people were like, why is this men? So I know I got the attention, I was reading that, let me tell you because I'm not used to public speaking so I was reading and staying there, I still remember, I was talking at this piece of paper, my one page and shift. I was like, "This is what I am doing guys." And they're like stumbling and everything but I was like, "you know what, my mission, is greater than my fears." Ok, I'm not gonna let all these things hold me back, I'm just gonna let the passion you know, come forward, center face things, how I'm gonna sell people thing center phrase, rather than focus on my own insecurities. So that's what I did, I went up, 3 minutes; I gave a 19-minute speech.

Natalie: Really?

Yee: Yeah, and the organizer was like, I was like, ok ok! There I shared everything. You know I was telling this group of 20, the very interesting thing is this, very interesting you know what, they are all programmers you see, so happens, I was telling them, "hey my mission in life is to touch lives and bring wonderful things and joy." Ok and they're like...

Natalie: Yeah, what???

Yee: Yeah what???

Natalie: Because how does it do with computers?

Yee: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I was like, "hey guys I know this may sound reverie and you know it's that sound reverie." But I was showing them some testimonies. There was this consensus of viral that used my affirmation, ok and they had cancer before that and they wrote me an email saying the cancer was gone.

Natalie: Wow!

Yee: That's what is driving me up, because it's like, I can let the fears hold me back and not shine away, not share this, but I know this is helping people and I'm giving away this EBook for free by the way, so I just went on there and just you know.

Natalie: I know it's fantastic. So Shun Jian, talking about your EBook, where can we send people to find out about you and get a free copy of the EBook as well?

Yee: Ok, just go to,

Natalie: Yes, so

Yee: Yes.

Natalie: Perfect. Thank you so much for joining me Shun Jian.

Yee: Thank you Natalie.

Natalie: I'm glad that we got the chance to get you in here because you live so far away. And guys I encourage you to share this video and the information in it by clicking the Facebook and share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above there. I would love to send you the Manifesting with Masters Video A Course, masters like Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, and John Assaraf. It's valued in 87 dollars and I'd like to give it to you for free. So make sure you put your emails on the box above there to get that. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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