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[VIDEO] Lisa Nichols Reveals 5 Unique Traits Of Abundant Thinkers (Do You Possess Them?)


If you’ve gone through life thinking that abundance is an option only available to the rich, the better educated, better connected or those “more worthy” than you… 

Then you need to watch THIS.

In this eye-opening video, the star of the movie ‘The Secret’, the amazing Lisa Nichols, reveals that abundance is for EVERYONE… 

However, there are certain traits that separate the abundant thinkers from the regular person. These are traits I recommend adopting right away (if you don’t already possess them). 

So if you’d like to discover how to reset your “lack beliefs” around prosperity and expand your wealth and happiness, then watch this video & read below to learn Lisa’s 5 unique traits of Abundant Thinkers:

Trait 1. They celebrate their little wins first.

Abundant thinkers don’t just celebrate the macro wins, they celebrate first their smallest achievements so that they can keep up their positive vibration. This means they celebrate themselves on a daily basis :)

Trait 2. They don’t spend their dollar time on penny tasks. 

Abundant thinkers know how to manage their time and when to delegate. 

Trait 3. They make their decisions based on knowledge, not on longing. 

Abundant thinkers never make a decision based on emotion, but rather on information. 

Trait 4. They tap into the money they haven’t created yet. 

Abundant thinkers spend their time thinking about how to increase and bring in more revenue, but they also get creative while managing their bills consciously. 

Trait 5. They do what they love.  

Abundant thinkers live an abundant life by doing what they love. They know that using their gifts is a way of expressing themselves and that brings them joy, but it doesn’t necessarily have to bring them wealth.  

Now, it’s important to remember that no matter how much money you have, if you don’t have the right mindset, most likely you’ll feel haunted by fear and insecurity quite often. 

Which reminds me to add a final trait of the abundant thinkers… and that is: They overcome anything holding them back from being the best versions of themselves… which includes releasing their Negative Childhood Imprints

In case you’re wondering what these are, these imprints are the beliefs implanted in your mind from your childhood… 

Usually by parents, mentors and friends who most likely don’t even realize what they’re doing, and that sadly, can seriously hold you back in life. 

In my case, they sabotaged my career and finances for decades…

I was a victim of these nasty subconscious triggers, until I decided to take control of my life and help others by creating a quick (but spookily accurate) quiz that brings you face-to-face with the BIGGEST Negative Childhood Imprint holding back from your career and finances…

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If you suspect that your thoughts, habits and certain decisions you’ve made have been a reflection of your childhood imprints, then I urge you to take my quiz right away!

Not only will it reveal the No.1 imprint that’s affecting you MOST, but it will also give you an action plan on how to break free from it, so you can earn and achieve at your highest potential starting today

I seriously hope that you take me up on this offer :)

Oh, and don’t forget to share any other tips or traits of abundance thinkers in the comment box below!



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