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[Cool Pics Inside] What The Mind Movies Team Does For FUN!


At Mind Movies we live and breathe a work hard, play hard mentality, and last month my partner Glen and I decided that it was time for our team to close their laptops and enjoy a well-deserved week of fun activities and relaxation… 

And we couldn’t think of a better place to do this than Costa Rica!

Turn on your images to see this group shot of us zip-lining in Costa Rica.

We experienced the rush of zip-lining and explored the surrounding villages in a fun ATV adventure (where we got just a tiny bit dirty!)…

Turn on your images to see the MM team ATV riding!

Turn on your images to see Glen and Natalie’s dirty outfits!

Some of our team members said their highlight of the trip was simply the amazing weather and the good conversations by the pool. 

Turn on your images to see Glen’s funny hat!

And what made our trip even more special is that some of our partners came along and we were able to strengthen our friendships.

Turn on your images to meet some of our awesome partners.

Oh and by the way, the friendly guy you see with the sunglasses in the last photo… well that’s Winter, and he just returned from a really exhilarating trip throughout China, Egypt and Israel.

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Have you ever been on a fun trip with your colleagues or co-workers? Please share where you went, in the comment box below. :)



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