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[VIDEO] All the way from Sydney, Australia!

I recorded this quick video on my iPhone for you while walking through my home city of Sydney, Australia!

I wanted to make it to share one powerful tip with you. As you'll see in my video above, I reveal 1 powerful trick you can implement in your life right now, and it can really amplify your manifesting power.

The powerful tip I share in the video is this: Practice being grateful for not only what you already have, but also for what you're about to receive.

For example, when you say to yourself and to the universe, 'I am grateful for earning X amount of money per month,' before you have actually achieved this goal, it's like you're saying it's already a done deal. This form of gratitude sends a crystal clear message to the universe about the future you wish to attract and begins the vital process of reprogramming your subconscious mind to be in alignment with your goals.

This form of gratitude may be different to what you've practiced before, but it is a critical step in the process of successfully manifesting what you want.

So give it a try! Each day, take a moment to practice gratitude for what you're about to receive, and you'll soon notice a huge difference in your ability to attract desired opportunities, people and resources directly into your life :)

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