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This week we share a guest article from Mindvalley Academy, enjoy!

The path to self-discovery is the ultimate goal that we should live for! However, in the due course of life, we tend to forget the real purpose of our existence, while we juggle between our conscious self and material worldly desires. 

Somewhere in our subconsciousness, we are all aware of our realizations, quests, and qualms. Therefore, at some point or the other, you set the sail for a journey to discover yourself! But the journey is not deemed to be an easy one!

People often keep on searching the mediums that can help them to attain the path for self-discovery. 

Unknown are we that everything lies within us. 

All the answers can be found within the layers of knowledge that we are enriched within our subconscious mind. This is the beauty of the human brain that it uses only a small fraction out of the plenty of information that it stores in itself. 

So, how do you find the path to discover yourself?

Have you ever heard of self-hypnotism? It may sound filmy when we talk about hypnosis to some, but let us tell you that hypnotism is no magic! It is a pure science based on therapy of providing calming effects to one’s mind when cluttered with conscious chatter and ongoing disturbances in life. You can seek professional help to get in contact with your deep underlying strong subconscious mind. If one doesn’t feel comfortable revealing their true self to an outsider than you can even try to hypnotize yourself through initial practice and learning.

Unlike the way it is shown in the movies, hypnotism is not about being controlled by someone else and doing things that you may never be able to recall afterward. In fact actual sessions of hypnotism, you become aware of your surroundings as well as some of the past events too. You feel the waves of calmness and relaxation in the mind after a session of hypnotism. 

How to hypnotize yourself?

People are learning to hypnotize themselves by using various modern techniques. At MindValley Academy we provide video tutorials to our students which are similar to the guided meditation practices. This enables you to set on the journey to discover yourself starting from the comfort of your home. You can realize its calming effects on your mind and the change in your attitude towards everything in life. 

The hypnosis therapy helps in removing the obstructions in your mind that prevent the positive thoughts from flowing smoothly all around. These obstructions are nothing but those bad experiences that are ingrained in our subconscious minds deep within. When we start working on them, these hurdles get eliminated and we start living life guilt free and happily. 

So, here is your time and opportunity to start the journey to discover yourself through hypnotism. We will not say that you can turn the mountains in a day, but yes, gradual efforts will start showing results in no time soon.

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