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Simple Ways To Feel Rich (Even On A Budget)

Simple Ways To Feel Rich (Even On A Budget)


Want to know the #1 topic my students ask me about when it comes to making the Law of Attraction work for them?


Yes, attracting wealth is consistently one of the most popular topics covered by those on their personal development journey seeking a new way of life.

And the first step in this manifestation process that I teach my students, to tap into the abundance they seek, is to learn how to feel rich before you actually are.

So there happens to be a few things you can do going forward to manifest and receive the abundance you want to help make that feeling a reality.

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Feeling wealthy is all about cultivating the current version of yourself into the wealthy version of you that you plan to be in the future. So to manifest and receive the abundance you want, you need to first fully embody the mindset, the thoughts, and the actions that are aligned with the abundant lifestyle you plan to lead.

And one of the first things you can do is elevate your home environment. This doesn’t mean spending tons of money to do a full demo on your house, but rather thinking about what makes you feel like you’re surrounded by luxury while in your home.

This could be lighting scented candles to create a calming and relaxing environment. Or opening up all of the windows allowing fresh air to flow in as if you’re located on a beach. This could even be replacing stagnant artwork with imagery or photos that represent places you’d love to visit.

And don’t forget to regularly tend to this new, rich environment, keeping it organized and clean to always make you feel proud and empowered to get to live in such an oasis.

In addition to turning your home into your abundant sanctuary, you can also do the same with your personal style by dressing for the life you want. So, when you think about your future, wealthy self, do you think you’ll look different?

Well, with access to more money and resources, it’s possible that the future version of you may be dressed in a way the represents a new, wealthier lifestyle. So right now, you’ve got to dress the part!

There’s no better way to get a peek at what your future self will look like than to dress for the job and the life you want. Whether you already have nice clothing items or the kind of clothes that represent what you’d wear to the job of your dreams, it’s important to activate this new change in appearance, so not only you, but the Universe can get used to seeing what that looks like.

You can even consider borrowing some items from a friend or snapping pictures of yourself wearing clothes you try on in an upscale clothing store. This way you can start elevating your money frequency without spending a lot of money.

In addition to dressing the part, we can’t forget that you’ve got to also act the part. Acting like your future self is one of the fastest and most authentic ways to welcome that wealthy feeling into your current life.

And to make this one stick, you must always be mindful of what your future self would do or what your future self would think.

This is the next level, even wealthier version of yourself who has:

- More than enough money in the bank
- A regular gratitude practice
- The time and freedom to do whatever it is they want
- Full confidence in managing finances
- And so on…

You see, the reason why fully embodying the persona of the wealthy person you want to be is by far the fastest way to becoming a human money magnet, is because your mind can’t tell the difference! So continue to dream big and use visualization and meditation often to show your mind’s eye that you feel wealthy.

What I love to do is ask for advice from my future self! So, “What would future Natalie do in the situation?”. Getting into this habit works wonders on staying connected to the next level version of yourself that has all the wealth and abundance that you’ve ever wanted. You may even be surprised to see how much power your future self has on steering your current self in the right direction!

And of course, action is still a huge step in welcoming those wealthy feelings, so educating yourself on managing finances is one of the most straightforward ways to feeling rich.

Whether you opt for a class or read a book on financial literacy, intentionally surrounding yourself with the tools and resources that can help you become wealthy will always help you get there even faster.

The more you educate yourself, the more your money-know increases, and the more confident you’ll feel not only talking about money but making healthy money decisions in the future.

And then there’s generosity. Being generous or helping someone else is one of the most honest ways to feel wealthy. When you can acknowledge the fact that you have more than enough and giving to others is something you enjoy doing and can do with ease, this is when you’ll really start to feel wealthy.

Giving to others, whether that’s with your time or your resources makes everyone feel good all around. It’s also a great way to practice embodying the generous and abundant person you’d like to be in the future.

And even if you don’t have the exact amount of money you want at this moment, continuing to be grateful for what you already have is a strategy you can use that costs you absolutely no money. You’re actually helping yourself make money simply by showing gratitude, as the goodness you put out will always come back to you in return.

When you complain about never having enough or constantly emitting feelings of lack, you are telling the Universe to send you more of that. So getting in the habit of showing gratitude for the people, places, and things that are already in your life only magnetizes more goodness towards you.

And in the spirit of gratitude, I’d like to share a very unique tool with you that can be used to help you become the strongest money magnet out there! And that’s the Money Magnet Meditation, a specially designed meditation focused on welcoming wealth and abundance.

By activating your brain’s neuroplasticity through the use of this meditation, you’ll be able to trigger a deep change in your wealth mindset, allowing you to welcome new and abundant opportunities going forward. Access the Money Magnet Meditation now to start feeling wealthy from the inside out!



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