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Linguistic Intelligence And Its Benefits

This week we share a guest article from Mindvalley Academy, enjoy!

The term intelligence is usually associated with IQ tests or the intellectual potential of a person. But back in 1983, a psychologist from Harvard, Howard Gardner, proposed the theory of multiple intelligences. Though there was no empirical research to prove it and though there are contrasting views about the theory,  the theory he proposed goes like this:

People do not have just intellectual capacity, but they actually have many types of intelligence - 8 to be more specific. Additionally, some people include Existentialist intelligence which can be considered as the ninth form of intelligence. 

Linguistic intelligence is one of the eight forms of intelligence that is proposed by Gardner - but is considered as a talent, ability or personality trait by others. However, the fact is that the theory of multiple intelligences has considerable popularity among educators and career counselors.

What is linguistic intelligence?

Linguistic Intelligence refers to the ability of an individual to understand both written and spoken language and the additional ability to write and speak the language too. People with linguistic intelligence are known for their special qualities, which include:

  • Rich vocabulary in the languages they know

  • Enjoying  reading

  • Love for words

  • Love for writing

  • Ability to learn a language quickly

  • Ability to understand the complexities in sentence structure

  • Ability to grasp the sound and meaning of the word

  • Ability to decipher the word structure.

What are the characteristics of a linguistically oriented person?

A person who has linguistic intelligence would love to speak about what he reads. He would have a liking towards foreign languages and would enjoy learning and speaking foreign languages. Linguistically intelligent people are considered to be avid readers and they seem to be very good at remembering quotes. Their use of language would include puns and rhymes as well as fancier words. They are particularly keen on word games and they never hesitate to try using fancy words when they speak the new language. They are equally interested in writing as well. 

What are the benefits of linguistic intelligence?

There are a lot of benefits associated with linguistic intelligence. The first and foremost being your ability to communicate.  Communication helps you to connect to the people around you! Linguistic intelligence fosters linguistic learning as a beneficial tool because:

• It helps you learn something new -  When you learn a new language, you tend to learn the phonetics (how the words of the language are formed), then learn the syntax (formation of the sentence) and then you learn the semantics (understanding the meaning and why certain things are being said). This means you will have something new to learn every day and is one means of keeping your brain active and healthy.

• Improving communication skills - Learning a language would improve communication skills that would be helpful in developing interpersonal skills and public speaking skills. 

• Improving critical and analytical skills - When you learn different languages you would be able to spot the similarities and differences in the grammatical use of words, this means sharpening of your analytical skills which would be helpful in professions such as forensic department, lawyers, lexicography, HR, teacher, editors in a magazine, etc.

• Innovation - Hone your skills in linguistic intelligence to enjoy the mentioned benefits. 

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