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How To Thrive Through Uncertainty

How To Thrive Through Uncertainty


As we are now weeks into remaining inside our homes during this global pandemic, it’s totally normal to feel uneasy and even a little stir crazy. And during these challenging times, it’s really the uncertainty of what’s to come that makes us feel this way. Not knowing when we can safely go outside again as a society, is something that can be hard to wrap our minds around. That’s why it’s super important to harness those high vibration emotions during this time to keep yourself in high spirits.

So if you are in need of a little motivation right now, I’d like to share with you a few easy ways you can work to prosper and thrive through the uncertainty.

Take it day by day

The stress and worry of uncertainty is usually triggered by not being able to see an end in sight. Maybe bills are starting to pile up…or there is uncertainty in your career – we are all battling something right now. And for pretty much all of us, it’s hard to say exactly when life will go back to the way it was. And who knows, even if we must shift into a new normal, taking things one day at a time is going to help keep your mind at ease.

A new day is a new opportunity to be great and to be better, and even though we have to stay inside, the windows of opportunity are always wide open. So each morning when you wake up, it’s important to find your gratitude. As difficult as these times may be, there’s always something to be grateful for. No one can predict the future, but you sure do have the power to shape it. And to really thrive, each day should always start with gratitude.

Make time for fun

You absolutely owe it to yourself to carve out time for fun! Laugh, dance, be silly – whatever you do, just make sure you are making the most of it. Now more than ever is the time to enjoy life! And the fact that we are confined to our homes does not mean you must throw the joys of life out the window – It just means you may have to get a little creative.

Smiling Woman Sitting in Bathtub Reading a Book

Even something as simple as posting a funny meme or watching a funny YouTube video, allow yourself to be fully present and in that moment. You see, what you’re doing is granting yourself access to the power of pure joy. You get to experience the endorphins from laughing so hard your belly hurts or the impact of bringing a big smile to someone’s face.

When you have fun and experience even the littlest joys in life, the Universe will always match it, so you have no choice but to thrive. So make sure you’re smiling and having fun often. I promise, you will feel that much more spiritually motivated throughout the day.


When you let your mind wander in uncertainty, you’re not only lowering your vibration, but you’re pushing off your ability to get things done. That’s why you’ve got to just start. Start that new workout routine. Start organizing your home office. Start the new hobby you’ve been putting off for months.

You see, starting now is actually how you get ahead of those “what-ifs” down the line you’ve been worrying about. When you just go for it, you’re unlocking new opportunities for a better you and a more fulfilled life all around. And when we make it out the other side of this temporary global crisis, you’ll have a whole new outlook on uncertainty. Why? Well, because you started and didn’t let the unknown stop you from accomplishing your goals. And remember, absolutely no goal is too small, so it’s time to stop falling into uncertainty and start thriving in prosperity.

Get movin’

Ask yourself what kind of physical shape you want to be in one month from now. How about two months from now? Okay, what action steps do you need to take to get there? Although we may be adjusting to being inside for an extended period of time, it’s important to stay on top of your physical health. Let’s not forget that we are in the middle of a potentially life-threatening pandemic, so it’s crucial we are looking after ourselves and keeping our immune systems in optimal health.

Woman Dancing

In addition to good nutrition and vitamins, it’s still important to keep your heart pumping strong by committing to moving your body every day. But the key here is to enjoy it! For some, working out to stay in shape can feel like a chore. So even if it’s walking the dog or dancing to your favorite songs, enjoy the strides you are taking, because that’s what’s going to help you thrive right now.

Be a friend

It’s hard to ignore the fact that being stuck inside can sometimes make us feel alone. And although we may be confined to our homes, it’s important to remember that’s the place where we are the safest. But feeling safe at a time when it’s easy to feel alone can be challenging for some, so don’t forget to check on those your care about. Something as simple as a quick phone call or text has the power to significantly impact someone’s day.

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."
– Booker T. Washington

Smiling Woman on the Phone

Being the kind of person who someone can lean on, not only raises their vibration but yours too! When we’re all thriving, and our spirits are lifted, we have that much more power to tackle any uncertainty coming our way. So a great way to make sure you continue to thrive through this pandemic is to make sure those closest to you are also thriving.

That’s exactly the reason why my team and I decided to create The Daily Gathering: Connect, Support, Align! It’s a private Facebook group where we can connect on all things positivity and where I host LIVE daily Positivity Sessions to keep our frequencies thriving!!! So be a friend and connect now with a like-minded community of people from around the world so we can help support one another. The fear of uncertainty will not stand a chance when we are all able to connect, support, and align.



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