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How To Tell If The LOA Is Working For You

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Do you ever find yourself asking questions like: “How do I get the Universe on my side?” Or “Is the Law of Attraction really working? Or even “Is the Law of Attraction real?”

Oftentimes, people give up on the LOA because they become tired of waiting for their dreams to come to life. And quite honestly, it’s sometimes hard to believe in something you can’t physically touch, see, or necessarily feel. However what they’re really missing are the signs that their desires are already manifesting. 

Sometimes these signs are so subtle that it can be challenging to see them at first, but once you’re aware of what to look for, you’ll start seeing them everywhere! On the other hand, they can be really obvious too, but you might not know the next steps you need to take to ensure they manifest as you desire.

For example, let’s say that you’re trying to manifest a red car. You start visualizing it with all of the details you’d like it to have. You know exactly how it looks, you’ve imagined how it feels to drive it and you’ve sent this desire out to the universe. 

When you do this, you start seeing red cars everywhere…

You may even turn on the T.V. and you see ‘your’ car in a commercial. You pick up a magazine and you see it again in an ad. You walk to your favorite coffee shop and you see the red car on a billboard. 

It suddenly seems like your car is following you wherever you go!

Has this ever happened to you?

Well, this is exactly one of the signs that the Law of Attraction is working in your favor! Yet sometimes, maybe a few months down the line, you may forget that this ever happened and wonder why on earth the LOA didn’t manifest the car that you desired.

The key here is that every time you notice a sign, you must reaffirm your intention or desire by telling the universe that that’s exactly what you want. And express gratitude by saying something like ‘Thank you, I’m so glad this car is mine’. This will put you in a vibrational alignment of already owning the car, therefore helping you to manifest it quicker into your life. The power of our thoughts and mindset is truly incredible. 

Now, if you’re seeing signs that you’ve manifested something that wasn’t exactly as you visualized it, then this may be the universe asking if there’s something else that might be even better for you. 

For example, if you start seeing blue cars everywhere, you could either say: ‘That’s an amazing blue car, thank you, but mine is red.’ Or, you can say: ‘Thank you for providing me with a better car. This color is even nicer!’

It’s also important that any of the excitement we feel when we’re manifesting our desires, transitions into a feeling of contentment and wholeness, rather than just a short-lived excitement that vanishes quickly. 

When the vision you have of your future begins to feel natural and already a part of who you are, you’ll be experiencing the strongest sign that you’re about to manifest your desires. It’s at this stage that you release any judgment of how the outcome will manifest into fruition and you fully trust that whatever happens will be for your higher good. 

And remember that the strongest signs that the Law of Attraction is working will usually come from within you.

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Have you found any ways to get the LOA to work for you? Be sure to share them in the box below :)

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