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How To Stop A Bad Moment From Ruining Your Entire Day

How To Stop A Bad Moment From Ruining Your Entire Day


Okay, picture this:

You’re just waking up. The sun is out. You are feeling well-rested and fully energized. You’ve put on a pot of your favorite tea. And you’re about to drop into the most blissful morning meditation.

And then boom.

You receive an email notification with news that plans for a big project you’ve been working towards have fallen through.

And now…

You feel like your day has been completely ruined.

And now your energetic vibration is off, causing you to spiral into negative thoughts that only seem to get worse as the day goes on.

You try your best to recenter and shift your perspective, but your mind just keeps wandering back to the news you’ve just received, making it hard to focus on anything else.

So the start of what you’d hoped to be a beautiful morning has now turned into one very bad day.

Sad Man Sitting on Bridge

So what happens next? How do you stop one bad moment from ruining your entire day?

Well, the good news is that it IS possible to turn things around.

Although, at that moment, it may feel difficult, what you must remember is that one bad moment doesn’t have to ruin your day. And that one bad day doesn’t mean you have a bad life.

But you see, looking for positive thoughts when you’ve just been hit with jarring news or crummy circumstances can be challenging.

So here are a few ways you can turn a negative into a positive and even find ways to be grateful for those seemingly bad moments.

Wash it off

There’s something so spiritually cleansing about taking a shower when you’re trying to calm your nerves. In addition to cleansing your body, a warm, mindful shower in your most vulnerable physical form allows you to instantly drop into a state of ease. And even going from warm water to cool can help improve circulation within the body, helping reduce anxiety symptoms even more!

Take a deep breath

Deep breathing is a very empowering exercise to practice when you want to come back to center after unexpected bad news – Because you’re forced to be mindful of your breath, allowing oxygen to fill up all of your insides. This signals an instant rush of relief, especially on the exhale, to both physical and mental tension that has built up.


Remember when you were younger, and you would write in your journal or diary after something eventful has happened? Maybe you won a spelling bee or you got into a fight with your best friend. Journaling as a child is where you would put some of your deepest thoughts and feelings. This also happens to be an incredible stress-relieving remedy for adults as well. When you write down your feelings, you are giving yourself the breathing room to leave it all on paper instead of stuck in your mind where negative thoughts can linger. This is also a wonderful time to reflect on what you are grateful for, despite any bad moments you are currently experiencing.

Find your go-to self-care practice

Whether it’s a relaxing bath, a bike ride, or a walk on the beach, shifting your attention to doing some of the things that make you the happiest is an excellent way to also shift your mindset. By indulging in a little self-care, you can put it in perspective that one bad moment does not mean the world is over. And that even though one not-so-good experience has happened, there are still so many good experiences you can still enjoy too.

Hug someone you love

Maybe it’s your partner, maybe it’s your spouse, maybe it’s your child or even a pet. Sometimes a little physical connection can go a long way when you feel like you’ve lost control of the day. Human touch happens to be a powerful form of energy healing that can help you recover faster, especially in times of grief or deep sadness.

Learn to embrace uncertainty

The reality is, no one knows what the future holds. So it’s inevitable for things to not always go the way we want. And when you’re able to embrace uncertainty and the unexpected in life, knowing that everything is happening for your highest good, the blow of a bad moment will start to not feel so bad after all. So if you experience a bad moment, use it as a sign from the Universe that something better is on the way.

At the end of the day, no matter what bad experiences you encounter in life, you must remember that they don’t last forever. And that there is so much to be grateful for! So if you’ve had a bad day recently and could use a pick me up, I want to share with you a little gift that I think you’ll enjoy. It’s a gift pack filled with tools to help you tap into your subconscious mind to reveal more of the good things you want in life. You can claim your gift right here, and I hope this will help you have even more GREAT days in the future!



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