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How To Quickly & Easily Make More Money

How To Quickly & Easily Make More Money


Have you ever found yourself Googling things like “how to make money fast?” or “easy ways to make money?” Well, if you want to know how to make money, you’ve first got to know how to make money work for you, and that starts with your mindset. That’s why today, I’m sharing some simple yet very powerful rituals you can use to start making wealth a constant in your life.

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Drop into gratitude

When it comes to attracting abundance into your life, you must remember that it isn’t a one-time thing. So the key here is forming a habit. And one habit that we must always start with is stepping into gratitude. Showing love and gratitude for what you already have surrounding you is something you can (and should) do every day!

As you probably already know, the Law of Attraction teaches us that thoughts become things. So being mindful of your thoughts surrounding money is incredibly important to welcoming money instead of repelling it. And using positive affirmations to express your gratitude is one easy way you can condition your mind and begin welcoming the money and abundance you truly desire.

Remember, your mindset is what dictates many of your unconscious thoughts, so using affirmations is a powerful tool to help “trick” your mind into harnessing the money mindset you need to manifest money that much faster!

Get clear

Another easy yet powerful way to harness a positive money mindset is to get clear on what it is that you want. The more specific and forthcoming you can be with your goals and intentions, the easier it is for the Universe to reveal them to you. So that means knowing what you want and why you want it.

Let’s say you want to manifest $100,000. Well, that’s an excellent start, but getting clear on “the why” or the reason this money will benefit your future is just as important. This is a great time to set a clear intention statement on how you intend to use or value the money you want to manifest. That could be something like:

“I have a highly successful business that I feel passionate about, that enables me to live a life of financial freedom.”

And your intention statement is something you can read aloud to yourself every single day! Even multiple times a day if you’d like. The more and more you are clearly radiating your intentions to the Universe, the more likely you are to live and breathe that abundant reality.

Release the scarcity mindset

I can’t stress enough that your positive money mindset is of utmost importance if you’re wanting to make more money. Think about it, if you’re constantly worrying about money, and thinking that there’s not enough to go around, or if you feel undeserving of money, you’re actively lowering your vibrational frequency and in turn, repelling abundance from yourself.

The Universe is going to have a really hard time delivering the wealth you really desire if you’re constantly operating from a scarcity mindset. Having a high vibration is also important while you’re thinking about your future self and also when you’re viewing or judging others who have the wealth you aspire to have. The mind is very powerful, so the way you’re thinking or not thinking about being rich in the future is a pathway to your future reality.

Be generous

If you tend to reject money, perhaps unintentionally, by saying things like “that’s okay” or “I don’t need it,” opt to give money instead. Whether that’s donating to a charity or leaving a little extra tip when you had great service or simply donating your time to someone in need. What you give, you will always receive back to you.

Being generous in any way that you can is an incredible habit to commit to because you are choosing to leave no room for lack. Not only does it feel good to be charitable, but it’s the easiest way to stay in the high vibration needed to welcome more abundance into your own life.

And here’s the thing, I know that figuring out ways to help boost your wealth and personal finances can be challenging. Whether it’s our limiting beliefs, stress, or simply circumstance, it can sometimes feel like everything is working against you in your ability to maintain and welcome wealth into your life. That’s why I hope these powerful tips or what I like to call “mind hacks” helped you to see the bright side of what harnessing a positive money mindset can really do.

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