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How to Meditate

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We meditate to clear the mind. Yet when we need to clear our minds the most, we feel ‘we don’t have time to meditate.’ We are constantly reminded of our to-do lists, future plans, replays of conversations, and past anxieties. Does this sound familiar to you?

Other normal concerns surrounding meditation might be: “How do I meditate properly?” “Am I doing it wrong?” “Is it working?”

But not to worry!

One of my favorite things about meditation is that there is no right or wrong doing. Even if you have fleeting thoughts passing through your mind - that is okay. Even if you feel you can’t sit still for 15 minutes - that too is okay. The most important thing is just to do it.

I'm a huge advocate for meditation. I practice it daily because it helps me:

- Clear my mind for the day
- Connect to Source and my purpose for doing what I do
- Lower my overall stress level
- Improve my concentration and focus on my goals

With all these countless benefits, wouldn’t you like to give meditation a try!? Even if you’re a beginner meditator, here are 5 super simple tips you can use to get started meditating right now:

1. Schedule It In and Commit To It

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It's common to feel some frustration when you first try to meditate. Attempting to quiet your mind when you've had a long day or have a lot on your plate is not always an easy task. But consider that when your life is the most hectic is when you need meditation the most :)

The first step is to schedule in daily appointments to meditate, even for just 10 minutes a day, and to then keep to it. Second, be gentle with yourself and realize that it takes practice to quiet the mind. Make it an ongoing practice and give it time, and you'll soon find that you look forward to your daily meditation.

2. Focus On Your Breath

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Having trouble sitting still or quieting your mind? Breathing deeply and slowly focuses the mind and calms the body. If you start to feel distracted, refocus on breathing in and out. This will help you block out any other thoughts.

3. Meditate With a Purpose

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Meditation is an active process and you have to be purposefully engaged! To do this, consider setting a clear intention before you begin.

Maybe your purpose is for clarity. Or maybe it’s for increased confidence. Maybe it’s to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Whatever your intention, make sure to get present in your reasoning for practicing or simply define it on the spot before you meditate. This will allow your mind to become more open to the benefits of the process and the end result you hope to achieve.

4. Eliminate External Distractions

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Meditating in a quiet location where you know that you will not be interrupted is essential for relaxation and rejuvenation. Choose a time and place where you can be alone for a set amount of time, and then leave your phone and computer behind to allow yourself to get quiet and go deep within yourself.

If you are meditating outside and you hear noises from the streets or the birds chirping, allow that! Let that nature be part of your flow.

5. Experiment With Different Strategies

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Be open to finding the meditation practice that serves you the best.

Try lying down or sitting in different locations or at different times in the day. You can use a comfy meditation cushion to sit on or use a chair. Try different breath or visualization techniques to help quiet your mind. Experiment and see what works for you. Remember, this should be comfortable and enjoyable!

A popular meditation technique is using guided meditations. These can have more of a ‘direction’ which may make it easier for those of us who get easily distracted. Mixed with soothing voices and audios, this is a sure deal for a fun and relaxing activity!

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Do you have any other meditation tips you’d like to share? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

*The Mind Movies team has updated this post on April 24th, 2017 to include the latest information for our readers.



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