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10 Benefits of Training Your Brain for Mental & Physical Health


Well, it's been a few weeks since we all rang in the New Year...

And January is always a popular time for working toward our exercise and fitness goals (in fact, I recently blogged about using positive affirmations to be successful at reaching your health and wellness resolutions - click here to read that post)...

But there seems to be one super important thing that's often overlooked, and that is...

Remember to also exercise your BRAIN!

If you're wondering what I mean by that, keep reading :)

Society puts a lot of attention on how people look on the outside which causes us to associate 'well-being' with 'physical health'. And while there are tons of benefits to eating balanced meals and getting regular exercise, our mental well-being is just as important, if not more so.

You see, when you're mentally strong, and you work towards your goals with clear focus and intent, it makes accomplishing physical outcomes so much easier!

In fact, Harvard University conducted a fascinating study about exercise and mindset with a group of housekeepers. Even though the housekeepers were performing strenuous tasks and highly active during their working hours, very few considered the work to be exercise and their bodies were a reflection of this belief. They were burning enough calories every day while working that they should have easily been losing weight, but they weren't.

All of the workers were asked to perform the same daily tasks, but half were shown how what they had been doing all along actually worked certain muscles and burned calories. And with this new mindset the half that were doing the work with clear intentions, lost weight and body fat and also improved their blood pressure and body mass index. There was a measurable difference between their results compared to the workers who continued working at the status quo!

See what I mean? Taking the time to train your brain, through practices like meditation and positive thinking, can have a profound impact not only on your waistline, but your entire life...

In fact, science has proven that conscious positive thinking, like meditation, can help us:

- Reduce Stress Levels
- Improve Overall Health
- Stabilize Sleep Patterns
- Sharpen Thinking Skills
- Achieve Emotional Balance
- Clear Away Negative Thoughts
- Increase Energy Flows
- Find Inner Peace
- Improve Self Confidence
- Enhance Creativity
- And more...

So if you'd like to reach a higher level of body, mind and spirit, start implementing meditation and positive thinking into your daily life or take a fast track route by using something called Brainwave Entrainment...

With brainwave entrainment, we can actually learn how to control our brain states at will, so we can make our mind a powerhouse that's naturally driven to help us succeed and be happier.

It's fascinating, extremely powerful and super easy with the Brain Evolution System!

Click here to watch this fun 2 minute video to see how Brainwave Entrainment works. Then try it out for yourself for free! <-- It's a Gym for the Brain :)

And next time you're getting ready to hit the fitness center, make sure you also squeeze in a little time for a mental workout too!

Have you been working out your mind? Share your thoughts in the box below...



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