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How to enjoy being alone

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Do you fear being alone?

And has the fear of being alone ever kept you in a relationship that wasn't right for you?

Well surprisingly, there are many people that feel this way, and maybe we all have had this fear at some point in our lives...

And unfortunately, when we fear being alone, we start looking for other ways to comfort ourselves like eating junk food or shopping, just to fill that emptiness...

But did you know that being by yourself is actually a very powerful thing?

When you're alone, you're able to free yourself from everyone else's energy and therefore, you have an amazing opportunity to focus and get to know the real YOU, whilst reflecting on what you do and don't like in your life.

When you do this, you become independent. You don't rely on others to help you manage your life or protect you anymore... and you suddenly become a much more confident person.

If you've ever struggled to overcome the fear of being alone, try getting to know yourself better by doing the things you enjoy the most, like going out for a walk, listening to your favorite music or learning a new skill. Whatever it may be, try to discover the world and something new about yourself everyday.

Soon you'll find that there is nothing to fear and a lot to celebrate. :)

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