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Favorite Daily Habits Successful People Use


One of the many perks of being a human potential coach is having some of the most brilliant, inspiring, visionary teachers and thinkers on the planet… on speed dial.

Over the years, I've been blessed with the opportunity to sit down with many of these successful people, and find out exactly what they do to stay ahead of the game in life.

In this time, I've been repeatedly reminded of a crucial fact:

The world's wealthiest, most productive and most forward-thinking people are still, well, people.

They still have their hang-ups. They still have their bad days. They still get sick and procrastinate and make mistakes.

BUT there is one major factor that separates them from the rest of us - and that's the DAILY RITUALS they perform to keep themselves in the best possible mental, emotional and physical condition... even when life, fate or their own minds threaten their success.

The good news is, you too can harness these same exact success rituals and experience almost instant elevations to your daily performance - often by simply adding a few quick and easy habits or mind shifts to your schedule.

So for your benefit, here are five of my favorite responses from incredible teachers and coaches when I asked them: What is your favorite daily success ritual?


1. John Assaraf: New York Times Bestselling Author, Brain Researcher, Star of The Secret

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"The two questions I ask myself to find my passion are:

1) What do you want to trade your life for?

2) Are you interested or are you committed in trading your life for the response that you indicated in the first question?

If I’m interested, then I’ll do what’s convenient. But if I’m committed, then I will do whatever it takes. So my Daily Success Ritual revolves around making sure I am committed to giving my life to what I am doing. And if the answer continues to be “yes” then I work hard and I work smart."
To learn more about John and his work, click here.


2. Mary Morrissey: Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author

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"A Daily Success Ritual that I recommend having is to give yourself one positive action step a day. That way you can give yourself a win. At least you made one healthy choice today.

Don’t expect yourself to be perfect, just one step a day. One step a day, even baby steps, will take you all the way up Mount Everest if you just keep taking them.

Pay attention to what you love. Start to pay attention to what you love doing and keep that as your focus."

To learn more about Mary and her work, click here.


3. Bob Doyle: Law of Attraction Facilitator & Wealth Consciousness Expert

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"Let’s not make this daily ritual a process as much as a way of being. Everyday you must be clear about what you want your life to be. Take time doing the things you enjoy doing. All of the things that we enjoy doing are a part of who we are and are meant to be expressed.

So honoring that part of me on a regular basis has become my sort of a daily success ritual. On a daily basis I honor some part of me that doesn’t have to do necessarily with work or career or solving a problem, just Bob being Bob."

To learn more about Bob and his work, click here.


4. Bob Proctor: Wealth & Mindset Luminary

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"Every night I jot down the things that I know I need to do the following day. I study every morning for an hour. I then go through a list of ten things that I am grateful for. If we can get into a habit of being grateful, then we’re not going to have many problems.

I stay away from anyone who wants to complain or find out what’s wrong. So my three Daily Success Rituals are 1) I study every morning; 2) I write out a list of things I am grateful for; and 3) I have a list of things that I can do that will take me in the direction of my goal."

To learn more about Bob and his work, click here.


5. Dr. Joe Vitale: Bestselling Author, Speaker & Law of Attraction Visionary

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"Look at your fear because your wealth lies beneath the very thing you are afraid of. My Daily Success Ritual is to face my fears. When you face your fear you start to peel back that flimsy little door that has your passion behind it and your passion leads you to your success."

To learn more about Joe and his work, click here.


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