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I’m Andy Shaw, and since 2005 I’ve been fascinated about the differences between the mindsets of successful and unsuccessful people.

I was also fascinated by how virtually everyone is successful in one or more areas of their life, but are struggling to succeed in something else…

E.g. they succeed in business, but fail in relationships. Or they succeed in a career, but they fail at managing their money.

When I first realised that there was something going on which caused successes and failures, I was already a very successful person by most people’s standards.

By 2005 I was already a multi-millionaire, owned a successful business, owned a lot of real estate, and had a wonderful relationship with my wife and family.

So a success by most people's standards….

But when I discovered the startling truth that less than 1% of people would ever become successful.

That people would work their entire lives and yet their chance of success was less than 1 in 100. This statistic blew me away and it really got me thinking.

I wondered why I could succeed and why other successful people could do it… But I also wondered, ‘why I KNEW most people couldn’t!?’ So why was I different!

This fascinated me and it took me five years and over $30,000,000 to discover the answer!

I'd like to open your mind up to the possibility that:

YOU ‘may’ be a naturally successful person and that 
you ‘may’ have merely forgotten how to do it!

I don’t want to overwhelm you with anything today as you’ve also got my Life Breakthrough Kit that you can get started on, just click here to access it within minutes.

Today I just wanted you to merely consider the possibility that you are a naturally successful person and all that you and I need to do, is to get you back to being the person you were born to be…

I know the voice in your head will probably tell you that you’re not successful as you’ve failed at this or that, or have no money, or have been divorced twice, or have children that don’t like you…

Whatever it is, it really doesn’t matter, because it’s not the real you.

The real you is the one who was born perfect…

What I’m going to show you soon, is that all that’s gone wrong is that no one has ever taught you how to think, just what to think…

And when you see that for the truth it is…

Then you will see limitless possibilities opening up for you!

So today, just for today… I dare you to dream that you are naturally successful and that you are shortly going to find your way back to the person you were born to be…

How you get there is not important, we’ll cover that later…

Enjoy your day, seeing your future. Because if you silence the voice for just a little while and dare to dream, then this should make your day easier, and far more enjoyable.

Best wishes,


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Andy Shaw is a successful mindset strategist and self-made millionaire who spent many years of his life figuring out how to get rich and now he teaches others how to do it. He’s also the creator of the business coaching program ‘ A Bug Free Mind’ and author of the book with the same title, where he shows his unique principles on how to design your ideal life. 















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