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7 Life Changing Truths Worth Reminding Yourself Of This Year

7 Life-Changing Truths Worth Reminding Yourself Of This Year


One of the questions I’m often asked by people in our Mind Movies community is “How can I stop being so hard on myself so I can enjoy life more?”

If you’re wondering the same, then I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you ’7 truths about life’ that you might have forgotten and that can help positively shift your perspective so you can love and respect yourself more - starting today! 

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Hey, without a doubt, we ALL make mistakes in life - the difference is that some people learn from them (that’s called resilience), while others let their mistakes consume them.

If this is you and if there’s something in your life right now that you deeply regret, remember that these experiences are part of being human and are necessary to grow in life. And in the end, good or bad, experiences are what teach us the best lessons. 

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Bob Proctor once said: “There is no RIGHT way to do anything. It can be a good way. It can even be a valid way, but clearly understand there is always a better way. And with the right attitude you will find it.”

Remember that nobody is perfect and looking for perfection can derail you from enjoying life, living in the present moment and being playful.

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Remember that your imperfections are qualities that make you unique and oftentimes, what appears to be a flaw can be your most special attribute. Instead of hiding them, I encourage you to learn how to use them for your own good. 

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Your past is not a mistake or an accident; it’s your life history. And even though you can’t rewrite it, you can use it to write a new or even more exciting future. 

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Many people think they don’t have any natural talents or are not gifted enough, yet they’ve never really shared their talents with the world.


If this sounds familiar, don’t give up on using your talents until you’ve applied them 100 times!

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Life is not a race, it’s a journey, and the only competition you should be in is with yourself. Instead of feeling jealous of other people’s achievements, celebrate yours with gratitude. 

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If you’re looking to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions, it’s important that you align yourself with people who are looking to accomplish big goals, as well as support yours. 

And while ending relationships that no longer serve you may seem like a drastic change in your life, it can also bring about a powerful transformation that will bring you greater happiness and success…

If this is YOU right now, and if you’d like to start the new year releasing negative habits or phobias AND have more confidence, brain power, creativity and infuse your life with more passion - then you just have to read this!

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