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7 Affirmations to Attract Abundance Now!

The number one reason most people block the flow of abundance from their life is...

Drum roll please…

They believe that it has to come in the form of money! 

But real abundance is the physical manifestation of our true, divine nature and how we are showing up in the world. 

It can show up as: 

- Love from your family
- A hand from a stranger
- Support from a friend
- New friends
- A gift you didn’t expect
- Renewed health and energy
- New opportunities that move you closer to your goals, or big vision
- And yes, sometimes cash!  

You see, you can have an abundance of joy, grace, laughter, personal power, confidence, ease, connectedness, and strength.

But often, we choose to focus on the money and things we want, without recognizing what we have. We spend time, energy, and resources daydreaming about what could be, instead of recognizing what we already are.

A wise person once said, “If you want something, you aren’t ready for it.”

By just focusing on what you want, you are telling the Universe that you don’t have something. This creates a more negative vibration, where you begin to recognize you are lacking something.

The hard truth is that you are abundant by design. You are all of those things that you seek, either from people or material things.

So how do you know when you are living with a mindset of ‘lack’ vs. a thriving ‘abundance’ mindset?

- You are afraid to give without knowing what’s in it for you. Or, you want to know all angles of risk involved before committing to an action, instead of following your heart and soul.

- You’re predominately approaching work and life mechanically (with your head) - only using logic and leaving out your creative spirit, intuition, and true passions. 

- You’re “trying” too hard. Let go of the need to control. Practice taking inspired action and then let go of being right, or let go of the need for the result to look a certain way. 

Trust in the Universe to deliver exactly what you need. You are always co-creating with the divine.  

If you can’t seem to manifest the things you “want”, ask yourself these questions: 

- How am I showing up with what I do have? Are you going all in with what you’ve got, or are you holding back from fully doing the work? 

- How am I utilizing my current resources? Are you taking care of your existing clients? Are you managing your money? Are you afraid to invest in yourself? 

- Why am I expecting someone to give me something, rather than giving it to myself? Am I proactive in going after what I want?
- How am I appreciating and showing gratitude for what I already have? Are you taking the time to write down what you’re grateful for each day? Even small things will make a huge difference!

Remember, abundance is love and gratitude in motion. 

Here are 7 affirmations to help you remember all of the above points:

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Do you use any other affirmations to attract more abundance into your life? Share your comments with the Mind Movies community below!

For the best results, I encourage you to adopt these affirmations as part of your daily rituals. Say them out loud right after you wake up (since you’re still in Theta mode, or a deep relaxation state) and then once again at night before going to bed.

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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