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6 Forgotten Truths About Life

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Have you ever noticed how the people who are the most loving, compassionate, and wise, always seem to be the ones who have experienced the most hardships and ups and downs in their lives?

Well, it’s actually through these experiences that they’ve gained a greater appreciation and a deeper understanding of life -

Yet when we’re going through these hardships ourselves, we sometimes forget how important they actually are in order for us to grow and to see how amazing life really is!

If you’re going through a tough time right now, and are having trouble seeing the silver lining, then I encourage you to read these 6 forgotten truths about life that will fuel you with hope, strength, and courage. These 6 forgotten truths will also provide you with inspiration, life tips, and encourage you to set life goals!

Truth 1: Life is a wonderful roller coaster.

I’ve always considered myself a positive thinker (even in the most challenging situations I’ve encountered in my life), however, I don’t expect life to be wonderful all of the time. Life is made up of ups and downs and to experience life’s ups requires us to also experience life’s downs. So instead of striving to live a perfect consistent life, why not try to live a ‘not so perfect’ but exhilarating life?

Lifehack number 1 - Practice More Self-help: knowing that the day is not going to be “perfect” you are better prepared for what’s to come and you won’t be as likely to become overwhelmed.

Truth 2: Most of your fears don’t really exist.

When times get difficult, it can be challenging to keep going and to keep following your heart and intuition. However, during these times, it’s especially important to not let fear stop you from living a life of passion. Although fear can be overwhelming, remember that it will only be as powerful as you let it be. If you face it, you’ll beat it, and that’s what being courageous really means. 

Lifehack number 2 - Practice More Self Love: tell yourself that you can do it. Tell yourself you’re worth it! And don’t let fears or limiting beliefs stand in your way. If you believe it, then you can achieve it.

Finish Line

Truth 3: The best things in life take time.

Just imagine how boring life would be if you could have everything you wished for immediately - there would be practically nothing to look forward to!

You would be missing out on the excitement that comes from anticipation and from the satisfaction of experiencing that ‘thing’ you’ve worked really hard for.

Remember that instant gratification will fade quickly, so make an effort to appreciate all of the things that take time to achieve. :) 

Lifehack number 3 - Set Realistic Goals: Setting goals is essential to our success. Wake up every morning and work every day towards achieving that goal. It will make a world of difference.   

Truth 4: There’s always something to be thankful for, always!

No matter how hard life may seem, there’s always something to be thankful for. And the more you notice them, the happier you’ll be.
Being positive during challenging times doesn’t mean you’re naive, but rather means that you’re choosing to appreciate your life instead of complaining. So keep your head up and smile! 

Lifehack number 4 - Practice More Gratitude: Wake up every morning and remind yourself of the amazing things, people, and opportunities that life has to offer. Gratitude unleashes a wave of positive emotions and vibrations ~ give it a try!

You Are Awesome

Truth 5: Nothing lasts forever.

Not even your problems - so make sure you take one day at a time, enjoy every moment and see every experience as a great adventure that you can tell those you love about.

Lifehack number 5 - Remember Life Is Short: Reminding yourself on a daily basis to cease the moment can make a big difference in the way you approach problems and obstacles. Life is too short to worry all the time!

Truth 6. You’re not alone

When you’re going through hard times, it’s very easy to think that everyone around you is doing well. But guess what? They may also be going through a rough time. Everyone deals with different things and struggles in their own way and sometimes their problems are bigger than yours.

So remember that there’s always someone out there who has a story like yours and can relate to you!

Lifehack number 6 - Find Comfort In Someone: Whether it be your spouse, coworker, friend, or family, find comfort knowing that other people have their own tough times and you are not alone! Having someone to lean on can really help heal any struggles you are experiencing!

Heal Yourself

And if you have any more life hacks that you use, share in the comment section below :-)

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