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5 Ways To Avoid The Sunday Blues & Prepare For The Week Ahead

5 Ways To Avoid The Sunday Blues & Prepare For The Week Ahead


You know that feeling you get on Sunday afternoon or evening? When you can feel the overwhelm of the week ahead start to bubble up to the surface? Or when you can sense your anxiety increasing as you think about having to wake up early and prepare to get back on track with your regular weekly schedule?

Well, those feelings actually have a name, and they’re called the Sunday blues, or maybe you know them as the “Sunday Scaries”. And unfortunately, many of us can fall into this vicious cycle where we’re just not getting the most out of our weekends because the worry and even fear of the week ahead are crippling our ability to enjoy them properly.

However! There happen to be a few ways you can start enjoying your Sundays again and prepare for the week ahead, feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer your day. Here are five easy tips for tackling the Sunday blues once and for all!

#1 – Set an intention to get ahead

Half the battle of combatting the Sunday scaries lies in the preparation for the week ahead. When you can wake up Monday morning feeling prepared and ready to go, Sundays don’t have to be so scary after all. Although you may spend most of your Sundays wanting to relax or indulge in self-care, getting a head start on your tasks for Monday is also a great way to show yourself some kindness. Perhaps that’s making a to-do list for the week or knocking off some easy things you’ve been putting off, or sorting out emails. This way, when Monday arrives, you’ll have already lessened your load, giving you the breathing room to think and operate much more intentionally in the days to come.

#2 – Yes, you should still relax

You’re still also going to want to relax and unwind during your weekend because you deserve it! The key here is to make sure you’re mindful of it. Instead of worrying about the upcoming week and letting your mind wander down rabbit holes of uncertainty, allow yourself this time to fully embrace every minute of your weekend. One thing I like to do is plan an activity that I know will spark joy for me ahead of time for my Sunday. It can be something as simple as waking up early and watching the sunrise while you enjoy a warm beverage and indulging in some mindful meditation. Or you can plan to go on a short drive to an outdoor restaurant or going on a hike with a friend or loved one. These mindful plans for relaxation and joy can be the difference in a rejuvenating day instead of an anxious, unrelaxed one.

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#3 – Clean, organize, or declutter your space

When your physical space starts to pile up with paperwork or junk, it can sometimes be hard to think clearly or feel productive, which can cause unnecessary anxiety. So do yourself a favor and use some of your weekend, perhaps first thing in the morning, to organize, do laundry, toss out old food, wipe down your kitchen counters, and so on. When you clean or create more order to your physical environment, especially ahead of your workweek, you too can step into the week feeling fresh and in order. Organization goes a long way, giving you a clear head and just the right amount of can-do attitude you need to tackle the week like a pro!

#4 – Switch up your weekends

How does your weekend typically unfold? Maybe Friday is spent hanging out or catching up with friends? Perhaps you enjoy a date night on Saturday? And then when Sunday comes, you spend the day lounging, waiting around for Monday to arrive? Well, if this sounds like you, a great way to get more out of your weekends is to change up your normal flow. So instead of going out on a Friday night, maybe this becomes your new day to lounge and do absolutely nothing or indulge in the self-care you would normally save for Sunday. And instead of Saturday, try making Sunday your new date night! Having a fun activity or outing at the end of your weekend is a great way to elongate the weekend even more. So even just changing up your normal weekend routine can help you make the most out of them!

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#5 – Have something to look forward to!

It can be easy to feel like weekends slip by quickly when you save all of your fun activities for the weekend and the weekend only. But when you plan an activity or something to look forward to during the weekdays, you’re able to keep the buzz and excitement going! Maybe it’s grabbing a coffee with a friend on a Monday morning or dinner and drinks Tuesday night. Weekends don’t always have to be the end marker for when you can have fun, so whatever the activity may be, don’t forget that fun can happen at any time!

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