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5 Tips To Set Achievable Goals In 2019

goal setting tips for the new year


As I am preparing for my trip to Australia to see my family, I started thinking, once again, about my New Year’s resolutions for 2019! 

I seriously cannot believe the end of the year is just a few short weeks away!

This time of year, I often like to reflect on past goals I set and make my new Mind Movie for the year on the horizon.  

It’s become a habit every December to think about my resolutions and goal setting. I always look to other inspirational blogs to give me fresh ideas for some realistic goals for the upcoming year. I like to set achievable goals, and it can be helpful to see other examples people have provided!

In order to not get overwhelmed with lofty and unrealistic ambitions (and then beat ourselves up for not reaching them), it’s a good idea to know just how to set goals and actually accomplish them  - in other words, have realistic goals.

So, to help myself as much as I want to help you, here are:

5 Tips to set achievable goals in 2019:

1) Appreciate the Little Wins

Whatever your goals, big or small, be aware of the steps that it takes to achieve those, and be grateful and appreciative when you make some progress. When you’re in a state of gratitude, then those goals become even more attainable! Acknowledging those small wins can really elevate mood and motivation, while keeping you on the track towards success.

2) Accept Change

The path towards success always changes - change is one of the absolutes of life! So we must adapt to it. If I remind myself that change is inevitable, then it makes it easier to accept. Sounds simple? It is. It may not be easy, but it is a simple and achievable concept :-).

3) Create Positive (and life-changing!) Habits

Goal-setting is positive in and of itself, and usually the goals that we set for ourselves are positive in nature. So if you create habits for yourself that will help your goals into fruition, then that’s a great step. For example, setting your alarm for 15 minutes earlier, then when you get used to that, another 15 minutes earlier. That gives you an extra 30-minutes per day to set your sights on your goal, or incorporating healthy habits into your life. Maybe read an extra 30-minutes? Or perhaps go on a 30 minute walk? Anything that enhances your goal-setting.

4) Find the Right Resources

What do you need to achieve your goals? Do you need money to start a business? Do you need training for a job you’ve got your eye on? Do you need to join a gym to reach that peak fitness for yourself? Whatever it is, do your research and get the right resources to get started! The first step is sometimes always the hardest, but you’ve got this!

5) Set Aside Enough Time

Even though this seems obvious, sometimes we get ourselves into a rut with our time and don’t manage to account for the goals we’ve just set. So make sure to adjust your timeline and make room for your goals.

How about you? Do you have any tips for setting realistic and achievable goals? What are your holiday plans? Would love to hear in the comments!

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Enjoy and happy holidays! :)



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