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Dealing with Negative People

Dealing With Negative People


All successful individuals agree...

One of the most important things you need, in order to make your goals a reality, is a strong support system of like-minded, POSITIVE people!

If you want to take your life to the next level, but you're surrounded by people who dismiss your dreams or fill your head with negative chatter, these "friends" can hold you back more than you may realize. :(

Now, I'm not saying you should "fire" all of your friends!

But I DO recommend that you limit the amount of time you spend with people who bring you down, and spend MORE time with those who uplift you and will help support you on your success journey.

To help you maintain forward momentum towards your goals and dreams, here are 3 tips on how to deal with negative people:

Tip #1: Don't take it personally

When someone else is negative towards you, your goals, or your dreams, it often has absolutely nothing to do with you! Instead, it's usually their own issue - often a reflection of their own inner unhappiness - so just let their negative comments go in one ear and out the other!

Tip #2: You are in control of your own life

No matter what others may say, you are ultimately in charge of your reality and your thoughts. So remember: when others start to make you feel down, you have the power to turn it around and pick yourself back up.

Tip #3: Praise them!

If someone is negative or mean to others, chances are they're even harder on themselves. Imagine how unhappy they must feel all the time. So try giving them a compliment. What are the things this person is good at? What do you like about this person? Recognize the positive things and praise them. They will most likely be really surprised at first and might even reject the compliment, but on the inside, they will feel really good.

I hope you've gained some insights from my 3 tips on dealing with negative people and share your positive light with the world... and please share how you deal with negative people in the comment box below.

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