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5 Easy Tips on How To Become a Better Lover by Loving Yourself First

5 Easy Tips On How To Become A Better Lover By Loving Yourself First


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying:

“It's impossible to love others if you don't love yourself."

And it’s true.

Because if you think about it, if you’re not capable of recognizing and connecting with yourself first…

How are you going to connect with someone else?

Now, loving yourself doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

In fact, it simply means taking responsibility for your own mind, body and spirit, so you can share the best of yourself with others.

Here are 5 Easy Tips on How To Become A Better Lover by Loving Yourself First.

1) Do Something You Love At Least Once a Day

If you have a hobby you enjoy, like playing guitar or drawing, I encourage you to take the time to indulge in it as much as you can.

It can be anything - read a book you love, chat with a friend, watch a funny movie - make a point to take some time to do anything that makes you happy.

This will cultivate more happiness within yourself that will also shine through to others (like your romantic partner)!

2) Practice Being Silent

Taking a moment of silence can be a wonderful way to love yourself. It can be 10 minutes or even an hour!

Whatever your schedule permits, carve out some time to sit in total silence - no news, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, or cell phones allowed!

Use this time to reflect on yourself and think about what you're grateful for. You'll be surprised how recharged and rejuvenated you feel afterwards.

Practicing silent time can be much harder than it seems, but once you give it a shot, I'm sure you'll find it SO rewarding.

I meditate each morning, and to me, it's better than a cup of coffee!

3) Learn More About Yourself

To make any relationship great, the first thing you need to do is understand yourself.

The more you learn about your own wants and needs, the more clarity you’ll gain on what you want from your romantic partner and what a perfect love life means to you.

This way, you can tell the Universe (and your partner) exactly what you desire.

4) Make a Positive Change in Your Life

If there's something you've been meaning to do... it's time to DO IT! If you've been meaning to exercise more, eat better, clean your house, take a class or save more money, start doing it.

Just pick one thing and focus on it, because by accomplishing something positive each day - no matter how big or small - you'll consistently raise your vibration to a happier, more joyful place.

5) Live in the Now (For At Least a Day!)

Being present can be very difficult. Our minds are often bogged down with what happened yesterday or what we have to do tomorrow.

But for just one day, practice being right here, right now. This can be challenging, just like practicing being silent, but again, it's so incredibly rewarding!

As you can see, loving yourself to become a better love can be as simple as setting some time aside to do something nice for yourself.

And speaking of doing something nice for yourself, why don’t you go ahead and download my FREE PDF that includes my morning success rituals. I guarantee you will enjoy it!

Plus, I’ll also include an exercise that could potentially change your life. I don’t want to give away too much tho, go check it out for yourself.

Cheers to love! <3

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