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4 Ways To Avoid Toxicity (And Toxic People)

4 Ways To Avoid Toxicity (And Toxic People)


On this week's blog, guest writer Regina Raap shares her tips on avoiding toxic situations and people! Enjoy! ;-)

Unfortunately, you will run into a toxic person at some point in your life. But that doesn't mean that you should feed into the toxicity by being toxic yourself.

Toxicity will only breed more toxicity; so, unless you do something to fix this problem and make sure that it doesn't reoccur, you'll attract more and more negative vibes.

Want to know how to stop the mental strain? Here are four ways to avoid toxicity, and to avoid mixing with people with such vibes.

Be A Bridge-Builder

"Like all problems, there always has to be a solution," said Lydia Turner, a lifestyle writer at Writinity and Researchpapersuk. "Likewise, it's better to find a compromise and solve a problem, rather than let disagreements and disputes go on. Toxic people, on the other hand, rather enjoy the drama and burn their bridges with people than bother to build and maintain it. Focus on building the bridge, instead of letting it burn in front of you."

Now, building and maintaining bridges is one thing, but having to do so with toxic people isn't entirely worth it. If toxic people always look to you to solve problems, then that's them taking advantage of you. Consider spending time and energy on more positive endeavors than wasting time fueling this hopeless saga of making amends with a toxic person.

Overcome Jealousy

It's easy to be jealous of others' successes and happiness. And if you're prone to toxicity, then you'll never be happy with life or with yourself, even if you already have everything you want. You don't have to live this way, to where you're consumed by jealousy all the time.

Understand that everyone has their setbacks, and that nobody's perfect. Also, try to be happy with the things that you already have. Try your best in reaching goals; once you reach a goal, then move on to the next one. Achieving goals is one thing, but still try to be happy with what you have first. Don't let jealousy keep you from reaching your goals.

Create Boundaries With Toxic People

There's nothing wrong with creating boundaries with people. In fact, boundaries can be either verbal or physical, depending on the circumstance.

"Verbal boundaries are for minor offenses, but they can definitely make a difference in a situation," said Paul Andrews, a blogger at Draftbeyond and Lastminutewriting. "Whenever someone says something bad to you, is jealous towards you, or tries to manipulate you in any way, tell them that you won't accept their behavior. And, if they continue to be negative to you regardless, then add consequences to your verbal boundary."

However, for bigger offenses, simply refrain from spending as much time around toxic people as possible. By setting this physical boundary, you'll be showing them that they're toxic behavior is unacceptable. But keep in mind: All scenarios are different, and they don't have to necessarily mean that the relationship is officially over. Depending on the situation, the physical boundary allows you to start a new chapter in life.

Realize When You're Toxic

Before you expect others to give you respect, you need to be honest with yourself, and recognize your own behaviors. And if you know you're exhibiting toxic behavior, change your tune immediately.

Though, toxic behaviors can be tricky to spot in ourselves, if we don't know how to go about it. Just ask yourself these questions:

  • How am I trying to control other people in my life?

  • Am I accepting to other people's decisions?

  • How can I help to resolve other people's problems?

  • Am I communicating in a positive or negative light?

Also, remember that not everyone is out to get you. Don't let the negativity get to you.


The way you act speaks volumes, when dealing with people; so, don't let negativity speak for you. Surround yourself with people and scenarios that are positive rather than negative. Also, don't let toxic people interfere with your personal happiness.

Finally, why not be the positive influence to other people? Just because you're limiting your exposure to toxic people, doesn't mean you shouldn't make a little bit of a difference for them. Some people don't even realize that they're being toxic until they reflect on it later. You just might be able to transform at least one person, if you continue to stay positive.

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Regina Raap writes for and As a professional content writer, she knows how to make boring blogs shine. In her spare time, she reads her favorite books, and spends time with her dogs.








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