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4 Tips For Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone To Experience True Freedom


So many times in life, we can miss opportunities for greatness because we fear the unknown.

After all, it's so much easier to stay inside of our comfort zone, than it is to step out of it, right?

But oftentimes this can leave us feeling frustrated and unfulfilled because we know that there could be something more, but we're just not sure how to obtain it.

In this post I hope to inspire you to push past your own personal limits, so that you can reach a place of pure bliss. And yes this means stepping outside of your comfort zone... but trust me the 'other side' is soooo unbelievably rewarding.

Here are 4 tips to help you move beyond your 'current self' to experience something new and amazing:

1. Identify what's outside of your comfort zone.

One easy way to notice if you have resistance towards something, is to think about it and see if it gives you butterflies in your stomach. The feeling of discomfort is natural if you're thinking about doing something that's outside of your comfort zone. The next time that feeling arises... maybe before speaking at a public event in front of a lot of people or perhaps when needing to do something new at work... just allow yourself to feel it in it's entirety and simply accept the feeling. Don't try and run from it, let it marinate and be comfortable with the discomfort.

2. Take 1 small step forward.

If you're completely scared of public speaking, the best first step to overcome it might not be to try and speak in front of a large audience on a stage with bright lights shining on you...

Change is a progression and something you need to warm yourself in to. So rather than trying to overcome it in one giant move, try working on it slowly and over time. Set realistic goals for yourself... things that make you feel a little outside of your comfort zone, but don't completely turn you off from reaching your goal. Each time you accomplish little milestones, you'll get a rush of confidence. Use this as fuel to do something a little more daring the next time. And finally, give yourself a pat on the back each time you achieve something the 'old self' wouldn't have felt comfortable doing :)

3. Be honest to yourself when you're making excuses.

We are incredibly creative beings and when we don't want to do something, our brains kick into high creative mode and come up with a million of the most "logical" reasons as to why you really shouldn't take action.

"I don't feel that well." "I'd be better if I started this next week because of XYZ." "You know what, this just isn't right for me. Why should I do something I don't like?"

We've all said those kinds of comments to ourselves before, right? :)

In these situations, be honest with yourself. Think about what advice you'd give a close friend or family member if they were afraid to do what you were trying to achieve. Would you tell them to move forward and be bold, or would you tell them that it's better that they don't take any action and stay exactly where they currently are?

4. Smile and have fun!

Let's face it, one of the biggest adrenaline rushes we can get, is from doing things that scare us. So have fun with it. Remember that first time you went on a roller coaster? The scared feeling you had right before going down that first big dip turned into pure adrenaline afterwards, right? Life doesn't have to be so serious. Profound experiences start with YOU. And if you keep standing in your own way, you could be missing amazing opportunities for joy and happiness.


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