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4 Mind-Blowing Ancient Secrets To Supercharge Your Spiritual Growth


I’ve always been fascinated by alternate history fiction.

As in stories about… what if this other country had won the war? What if this president had remained in power? What if mankind had walked down a completely different path than the one we’re on?

What intrigues me is that we live in a multiverse of infinite possibilities - and anything we can imagine is in fact happening somewhere!

The reality we live in is a scientifically inclined one - that’s how we have self-driving cars and space travel. Stem cell therapy and 3D printed prosthetics. Blazing-fast internet and augmented reality.

The technological innovations we've developed are wonderful - but have you considered that in the process of acquiring them, we may have waysided other gifts and possibilities?

What would have happened if instead of astrophysics and engineering and biotechnology, our brightest minds had an additional focus… a more spiritual and inward one? One that taps not only into tangible science, but also into the unseen side of life?

What kind of gifts would we be living with then?

Believe it or not, we can catch a glimpse of this alternate reality when we observe ancient pockets of mankind who chose that path.

And as you’re about to see, it doesn’t have to be an either-or choice: because through simple observation and an open heart, it’s not impossible to enrich your own modern life with the spiritual and unseen ‘superpowers’ harnessed by these societies through their own unique daily rituals for success.

For example:

1. The boat people of Polynesia’s incredible navigational instinct…

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For thousands of years, Polynesia’s boat people have made seemingly impossible voyages across thousands of miles of open ocean with little to no technology but their own senses.

By internalizing a variety of factors, including the motion of stars, wildlife behavior, cloud clusters and even the unique way different types of waves crash on their ship hulls, they are capable of pinpointing locations and successfully completing journeys others would require extensive equipment and preparation for.

Do you believe you could supercharge your spiritual growth by making a conscious effort to internalize and harmonize with the forces of nature around you? What could you learn by simply taking a walk in the woods, and ‘breathing in’ everything you see, smell and touch?

2. The Native Americans’ isolation-induced spiritual awakenings…

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In certain Native American cultures, young males entering puberty are required to complete the “Vision Quest”: a coming of age ritual where the teen leaves the tribe typically for 2 - 4 days, to discover their unique higher purpose by spending time alone in the wilderness.

Those who follow this ritual consistently report experiencing the same phenomenon: a Guardian Animal that comes to them in a vision or a dream, followed by the revelation of their purpose in life.

Want an easier alternative to days of isolation in the wild? Try spending a few hours in a sensory deprivation tank: it’s a terrific way to momentarily quieten your senses and amplify your inner voice.

3. The Amazonians' deep holistic healing through hallucinogenic botanicals...

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There are a number of plants in the Amazonian rainforest that - when combined - are said to unlock a gateway to Higher Truth and healing. This concoction is known as Ayahuasca, and it is harnessed by a variety of Amazonian tribes as part of their spiritual beliefs.

Ayahuasca is said to be capable of healing emotional, energetic and spiritual blockages, and even helping a person realize not just their own purpose, but the purpose of the Universe itself.

A variety of Ayahuasca retreats are available to the public. However, I'd stop short of saying you MUST try it for yourself, because not everyone responds well to hallucinogens - so you could also try Chakra work or energetic healing for removing inner blockages.

4. The Buddhist monks of Tibet and their superhuman sense of inner peace & empowerment…

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For countless generations, the Buddhist monks of Tibet have practiced a variety of meditative rituals that both detach them from the discomforts of the human condition, and connect them to otherwise inaccessible gifts.

Studies on Buddhist monks have consistently found them to possess extraordinarily high levels of compassion, intuition and empathy, near-immunity to stress and negativity, and in some cases, even the gift of clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Experts in both science and spirituality agree that meditation is a powerful and highly accessible path to inner peace and empowerment - and you don't need to move to a monastery to enjoy its benefits!


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YOUR THOUGHTS WANTED: In what way would you like to enrich your life through spiritual or inward practices?



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