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3 Tips to Successfully Navigate Your Way Through The River Of Life

3 brilliant tips


Have you ever seen whitewater kayaking on TV? It's a pretty intense sport and in a lot of ways, it resembles the challenges and the accomplishments that we face in our lives.

There are ups and downs, periods of chaos and calm, and many moments of uncertainty.

We're required to dodge obstacles and chose the best path, not knowing exactly what waits around the next bend.

Just when the current lets up and we pause to look back on what we just made it through, a new set of rapids begins and sends us reeling headlong into the thick again.

In whitewater rafting, and in life, it helps to have a plan in place ahead of time, a good support system around you and some helpful advice from those who have done it before :)

To ensure that you have a successful AND enjoyable ride through your own river of life, make sure to keep these 3 tips in mind.

Tip 1: Find an experienced guide

To most of us, a raging river is a scary thought; it's wild, dangerous and unpredictable. As soon as we set off from the shore, the currents can be overpowering and it's hard to know what's coming next.

But no matter what we're going through, or heading toward, it's important to remember that there's always someone else who has been in a similar circumstance, dealt with similar issue, and overcome similar adversity. 

So use this to your advantage - find your own guide or mentor, or at least make an effort to regularly speak with other successful individuals, to exchange ideas and receive valuable advice.

Tip 2: Stop and appreciate the ride

Although it can be easy to get caught up in the fast-paced river of life, feeling swept along from one thing to the next: work, meetings, activities, etc., it's really important to make an effort to stop and enjoy the present moment, and to be grateful for all of the wonderful things in your life.

Take a few minutes each day to reflect on everything and everyone that you love, and to appreciate the life you're living.

Tip 3: Remember that obstacles are part of the journey

If you've ever been whitewater rafting, you know that during your journey it's inevitable to encounter boulders and rocks along the way.

But stopping or retreating is not an option... you must find a way around it and continue on your way!

This is also true in the journey of life. Keep in mind that every worthwhile experience will have obstacles, but that they are often the biggest opportunities for growth and improvement.

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