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3 Steps For Discovering How To Lead A Successful Life

3 Steps For Discovering How To Lead A Successful Life


Most people want to know how to become successful in life, but that begs the question… What exactly does SUCCESS mean? Does it mean having a certain level of wealth, a specific job or a particular car? Maybe. The truth is, the real definition of success doesn't exist!

You see, everyone's definition of success, or what it takes to become successful, is different.

Some might say, "I am successful when I have X amount of dollars in my savings account." Others might say, "I am successful when I am married and have a steady job" or, "I am successful when I can work from home and travel with my partner whenever I want.” The list is truly endless.

Success is moldable; it comes in many shapes and sizes, and you get to decide how to live the life you want!

To help you discover your personal definition of success, I want you to imagine yourself at dinner with complete strangers. Someone sitting right next to you asks, "What does success mean to you?"

How would you answer?

To help you unlock the key to your success, here are 3 quick and easy steps you can take that will open the door to a rich and meaningful life.

Step 1: Consider what needs to happen in order to be and feel truly accomplished.

It's important to understand that you (and only you) can answer this question... not society, nor your friends or family. You are the author of your own success story, so that means you have the keys to success. Be brave and be completely honest with yourself! Being able to answer this will determine what steps you can take and what that path looks like for you.

Step 2: Pursue goals that will allow you to feel fulfilled!

Success and fulfillment don't always go hand in hand, so it's important to recognize which goals equate to material success and which goals equate to inner fulfillment.

For example, I recently had a conversation with a friend who thought that making $10,000 a month meant that she was "successful" and assumed that it would make her happy. However, when she reached that goal, she realized she didn't feel good at all. Personally, for me, I've never been motivated by money itself. It was always the meaning behind creating wealth that excited me – like making a global impact! It wasn't until I started teaching others how to accomplish their goals through the Law of Attraction that I really found inner happiness.

So, does your current definition of success add meaning to your life?

Step 3: Take Action!

Whether you want to know how to be successful and rich for the sake of financial freedom, or a life of purpose, the key is always to take the first step!

After you've recognized what success means to you and you’ve identified goals that would lead to inner happiness, it's time for action.

I'm here to tell you, as a true example, that it's NEVER too late to achieve success and find fulfillment in life. My true fulfillment didn't come until my 40's when I took the plunge to move to America to become a teacher of personal growth.

So just know that there's endless potential in the world waiting for you to harness and use to propel you forward into action!

Need some motivation to take action? Here is an inspiring success quote by the late Louise Hay, “Be willing to take the first step, no matter how small it is. Concentrate on the fact that you are willing to learn. Absolute miracles will happen.”

Now here's an EXTRA special tip from me to you!

Most people don’t take action because of self-sabotaging behaviors that are attached to limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind. It’s no secret!

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