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3 Great Reasons to Use Hypnosis Today


What if I told you that I could guarantee that hypnosis could help you better your life?

Would you say "Yes, Natalie! I know, it's already helped me!" Or would you reply "No thanks... I've tried it before and nothing happened." Or perhaps you'd think "I've been curious about trying hypnosis, but something's always held me back because I wasn't sure it would work for me."

Whatever your response, please keep reading... because in this blog post I will share 3 great reasons to implement hypnosis into your personal development routine.

I know that in the past, hypnosis has been shrouded in mystery and cynicism, but in the last 40 odd years science has proven hypnosis can work for anyone.

When researchers discovered that people have different learning styles and hypnotists uncovered how to effectively reach each one, the field of hypnotherapy was changed forever. So, today, hypnosis can help anyone and everyone, when it's done correctly.

Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful way to reprogram your mind and has many benefits, but here are just 3 great reasons to start using hypnosis immediately:

Reason #1: Eliminate unhealthy urges
Urges rise up from the subconscious. I'm talking about that all-of-a-sudden consuming desire to eat a box of Krispy Kremes, go on a shopping spree, or smoke another cigarette. Even though the initial satisfaction is quickly overrun by guilt, our bodies have a pre-programmed positive association to whatever it is we are craving, which is why it can feel impossible to ignore it!

However, through hypnosis, we can turn off the pleasurable response our brain has when we succumb to cravings and nix them before they even kick in! It's simple, painless and super effective.

Reason #2: Remove self-limiting beliefs
Our beliefs define who we are. When those beliefs do not jive with the being we would like to become, they are self-limiting. Every time we try to step out of our comfort zone, one of these self-limiting beliefs cries out to stop us from diving in. For example, even if someone sings brilliantly, if they see themselves as being shy, they may never even step up to sing karaoke, let alone perform for an audience.

Hypnosis has been proven to help mute the little monsters in our subconscious and allow us to become the best version of ourselves.

Reason #3: Sleep more soundly
Ever lay down in bed and find your mind racing so fast that you just can't fall asleep? I wrote a post last week on our different brainwave states and how they're tied to levels of alertness. For example, if you find yourself stuck in Beta, it may be nearly impossible to fall asleep or to feel rested when you wake.

Hypnosis is highly effective at helping us to turn down the dimmer by switching our brains into Theta state. In this brainwave state, we're able to fall asleep more quickly and remain in a deeper, more restful, sleep throughout the night.

So as you can see, hypnosis has some very powerful benefits!


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