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3 'Forward Thinking' Tips to Become Financially Abundant

3 'Forward-Thinking' Tips to Become Financially Abundant


I've written before about how changing your mindset can create wealth. It's something I'm passionate about because it made a huge difference in my life!

Once I figured out what had been holding me back, I was able to shift my mindset and soon abundance was flowing to me with more force than the water rushing over the edge at Niagara Falls!

But once we decide we want to have a financially abundant mindset, taking those first few steps can be as nerve-racking as watching a tightrope walker performing high above Niagara Falls. Now that I've been there and seen the falls first-hand, it's crazy to think people actually did that!

When we're still in a state of "scraping by", it might feel easier to make excuses about how we will begin to live once we have accumulated more. But, I'm here to tell you that this is backward thinking, and we must first begin to model our abundant selves by using 'forward-thinking'.

Here are 3 'forward-thinking' tips to kick you into action so that you can start living with a financially abundant mindset:

Tip #1 Give Generously

Giving away your possessions is one of the simplest and most fulfilling ways to begin living an abundant lifestyle. There are many people we see each day that could use a little something so we need to become kind strangers. Try putting spare change in your pockets before you go for a walk, with the intention of giving it to anyone who is in need. It does not always need to be money either. It could be something as simple as giving a pair of gloves or a hat to someone in need, on the first cold day of winter.

No matter what you choose to give away, by giving generously, you will begin to open your mind to your future wealth and happiness abundance.

Tip #2 Treat Yourself

As you move into a more positive mindset, it's important to also reward yourself. When we're scraping by, we tend to deprive ourselves of little extravagances and treats. Then, when the temptation gets to be too big, we splurge and go over the top; and then feel guilty for having indulged.

There is no room for guilt and depravity in an abundant lifestyle. Begin to treat yourself once a week or once per month. At first, it does not need to be anything extravagant; maybe one day a week you buy a latte from your favorite coffee house instead of getting up early to make your everyday home-brewed cup. Or, if you find you hold a lot of tension, perhaps planning a once-a-month massage to really pamper yourself is right for you.

No matter how you choose to do so, little treats help reinforce your abundant mindset.

Tip #3 Say "YES" to Invitations

Have you ever turned down a dinner, movie, or party invitation because your mind quickly raced to all of the money you would be throwing away on frivolousness? This is another way we remain stuck in a scarcity mindset. In order to move beyond this, it is important to start moving. Say yes to invitations. Even if this just means meeting your friends in the park or enjoying some outdoor activities, this will help you avoid sitting home and worrying about a lack of resources.

And no matter what you choose to do when you go out, always try to be positive and spread joy. As a result, you'll feel happier and this will reinforce your new mindset.


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Have you got any tips for cultivating a wealthy, abundant mindset? Share them below with the Mind Movies community.

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