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Episode # 191 Mind Over Medicine

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Do you ever feel guilty for binge-watching TV shows that offer no value? Did you know there’s a whole new genre of TV shows created specifically to expand your consciousness and take your mind to a whole new level? Joining us on this special episode of The Inspiration Show is my good friend and humanitarian, Spryte Loriano, discussing her upcoming “reality” TV show, Awakening Giants. If you’ve been feeling like you want to be a part of a positive change in humanity, then watch it now!

Spryte Loriano - Awakening Giants: Your Favorite TV Show

Are you ready for the most otherworldly episode of The Inspiration Show? Today’s guest is going to blow your mind! You may not have heard of her but something tells me you’ll remember her from now on. Karen Noe is a renowned psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and healer with a two-year waiting list - and she channels Dr. Wayne Dyer! If you’re going through a rough time of grief or struggle or have ever wanted a sign from a higher consciousness, then today’s episode can change your life.

Karen Noe - Wayne Dyer's Message About Grief and Struggle

Do you find that you take care of everyone around you before attending to your own needs? Do you feel guilty when you do take time for yourself? My guest on this episode of The Inspiration Show and creator of the Women Awakening Community, Cynthia James, talks about ways you can start practicing self-care and making sure you’re healthy and thriving before taking care of anyone else. If you’re ready to find a daily practice of self-care that nourishes you, then don’t miss this special episode!

Cynthia James - Take Care of #1 - YOU!

Have you ever asked yourself, “Is it possible for an ordinary person to make a difference in the world?” Or do you ever feel the need to make someone’s life better or make a contribution, but aren’t sure where to start? On this enlightening episode of The Inspiration Show, my guest and good friend Arjuna Ardagh talks about the four value sets it takes to achieve “brilliance” and a life of service, and how, if you feel the calling, you can make an impact in the world. If you’ve been feeling a need to give back, then don’t miss this special episode!

Arjuna Ardagh - How to Make an Impact in the World

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