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Episode # 552 Marilyn Suttle - How to Enhance Your Creativity

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As divine beings, our birthright is to be free, expansive and joyful. Yet our experience on earth sometimes seems anything but that - and why is that? If you feel limited by lack of wealth, health, love, or creativity, then this mind-blowing episode of The Inspiration Show could be everything you need to free your mind to continuous, flowing, love-based abundance.

Brad and Kasey Wallis - How to Master Your Higher Consciousness

Can you think of the worst moment in your life that you’ve had to endure? How did you overcome it? How would it be different if you were trained to have the right mindset to create heroic outcomes? What if I told you it’s not too late? Watch this video to learn how.

JJ Virgin - How to Become a Warrior Mom

Many of us believe the universe conspires to help people find their other half, in order to maintain a cosmic balance. But how do we make sure we recognize our soulmate when they appear? And what happens if we ever lose them? Can we have more than one? These are just some of the fascinating topics we discuss on this thought-provoking episode of The Inspiration Show. Watch it now.

Herb Freed - How to Recognize Your Soulmate

Are you experiencing grief from childhood wounds? Are you burdened with the loss of a dream? Or perhaps you’re aching because an important relationship has ended? Regardless of any pain you might be going through right now, you can learn how to be more joyful, and live a more fulfilling life. This video will show you how.

Dawn Harris - How to Heal Your Emotional Wounds

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