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We're Halfway Through 2021 - Are You On Track Towards Your Goals?

We're Halfway Through 2021 - Are You On Track Towards Your Goals?


Hello Mind Movies Community!

Can you believe we’re a little over halfway through 2021 already? It’s almost hard to comprehend everything that has transpired in the world over the last year or so, not to mention balancing the challenges, obstacles, wins, and losses that we face throughout a year’s time in our personal lives. And that’s exactly why I wanted to check in with you, to see how things are going — especially as we continue with the second half of this year.

High levels of uncertainty, which we’ve all experienced since 2020, usually bring some level of change, confusion, frustration, worry, and often result in us putting our personal goals and our well-being on the back burner.  That’s why now is a great time to check in with yourself to gauge your mindset and review your goals to make sure you’re heading into the second half of the year with clarity and focus.

Now, I want to point out that the last year or so has been nothing short of unprecedented, so if a career goal or even a fitness goal didn’t go according to plan, this isn’t the time to beat yourself up or criticize your efforts.  However, this is a great opportunity to evaluate where you’re at and decide if there’s anything you want to allocate more time and energy to in the next few months.

By having a mid-year check-in, you can see if there are any small improvements you can make today to set you on a productive path towards personal development, happiness, and success.

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So, I want to provide you with a list of prompts to help you gauge your progress so far this year and help you to refocus on the things that are most important to you. There’s still time to mark 2021 as a success!


~ In roughly the last six months, is there a specific event or certain period of time that stands out the most? Reflect on any noteworthy moments that have had an impact on your life, good or bad.


~ Reflect on the goals you set for the year and revisit how you intended this year to go.

~ How were you tracking your goals? What (or who) was holding you accountable to stay on top of them?

~ Even if they were small, reflect on your wins or accomplishments, considering everything that went right. Think about the times when you felt the proudest.

~ Reflect on an unexpected change or challenge you encountered that caused you to get off track.

~ If you’ve had a hard time hitting your goals, reflect on an internal factor or limiting belief that could be hindering your progress.

~ If you’ve had a hard time hitting your goals, reflect on an external factor, like your environment or even people, that could be hindering your progress.

~ As of today, how satisfied are you with your progress on your goals?

~ Now reflect on your “why” or your motivation behind your goals. Are you still aligned with your vision or purpose?


~ If you have been hitting your goals successfully, based on percentage, break down how much time you are dedicating to the following areas: work, health/fitness, friends/family/socializing, and spirituality/personal development.

~ Do you need to make more time for certain things like friends and family or health and fitness?

~ If you have been hitting your goals successfully, reflect on some new, more empowering, or creative ways you can go after your goals for the rest of the year – Perhaps taking a course to learn something new?

~ Reflect or visualize how you want the rest of this year to unfold. What are you doing? What do you hope to accomplish?

~ Reflect or visualize how you want the next 5 years to unfold. What are you doing? What do you hope to accomplish?

~ Is there a person, place, or thing that can keep you accountable when it comes to staying on track with your goals going forward?

~ Lastly, take some time to revisit any existing goals and transform them into S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-sensitive) goals or break them down into smaller, more digestible tasks.

Okay, so how did that feel? Are you feeling more optimistic about the rest of the year? Well, after taking inventory on your life and your goals as of today, the next step is taking action. And as a little gift to help get things back up and running, I’d like to share with you 100 Success and Abundance Affirmations you can use to quickly welcome more productivity and abundance into your life. Download your free gift here and get ready to hit those goals and make the rest of the year the absolute best!




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