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The "I AM" and Your Crazy Brain HACK

On this week’s blog, we share a guest post from transformational coach Lynn Owens. Enjoy! ;-)

Hey, have you ever said “I am” affirmations? I bet you have. You are excited, eager. You read an article, worked with a coach, and you are given these affirmations which all begin with “I am.”

You finally have hope, and know this will be the THING to turn your situation around. Here finally, you will manifest the money, the romance, career, or business of your dreams.

Then you begin your new affirmation beginning with the words, “I am.” You repeat the affirmations aloud in your car – you write them during your lunch break. But before the words leave your mouth, or your pen finishes writing the complete “I am” sentence you feel like a fraud.

You feel defeated.

You feel like a liar.

Here’s the thing, you may be saying aloud, “I am a great swimmer.” However, in your reality you are not fully aligned with that, and you lose all hope. For example, you may have plans to take swims lessons, but are still looking for the class and instructor that resonates with you.

And all of your hope sinks from your being, and you resolve the Law of Attraction works for them, but not you. Well, you are wrong! Remember, the Law of Attraction is an absolute law, just as other universal laws such as the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Relativity, and the list goes on and on.

But there’s a better way to ease into “I am” maybe…try starting with, “I intend.” Yes, “I intend to be a great swimmer.” BOOM! There is nothing your reptilian brain can do, but accept that as truth. This totally stops the negativity, self-judgement, and your inner critic in its tracks.

So let’s try it together.

“I am a millionaire.” Or “I intend to be a millionaire.”
What feels better?


“I am debt-free.” Or “I intend to be debt-free.”
What feels better?


Remember, feelings are everything in the game of manifesting. So there’s no point in saying or writing an affirmation which feels terrible. This only sabotages your efforts.

Try this “I am” hack, and let me know how it works for you!

 The "I AM" Brain Hack


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