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Release The How, But Embrace The Who

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On today’s blog, we share a special guest post from entrepreneur and life coach Lynn Owens! Enjoy :-)

Each of us has been stuck in the rut of HOW at some point in time.  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s when you know what your intention is, but you stop and think, “How is this going to happen?’  Then you begin to think through every situation which would help you manifest this intention.  You come with a Plan A, a Plan B, and if both falls through you come up with a Plan C.  Trust me, I have “been there, done that,” and have all the t-shirts to show for it ;-)

Well, HOW your manifestations arrive is often out of our hands. Focusing on the ‘how’ actually slows down a simply beautiful process.  It bogs us down in the weeds of “figuring it out.”  And actually serves no purpose!  I am amazed at how often my dear, sweet children come to me with a request for money from Mamma.  But never once have they asked, “Hey mom, are you getting the money from the checking account, savings account, grandma, or are you gonna collect cans?”  Truthfully, they don’t care.  That’s it!  I said it, my kids don’t care how I get their allowance or extra money to them.  And believe it or not, if you have kids chances are, your kids don’t either.  

All they know when it is time to go to the movies, get gas for their car, or whatever their expectation is – it will be there.  

However, we make a request to the Divine, the Universe, God, or whomever you believe in and then bog ourselves down in the weeds of figuring out how this will be manifested. The truth is, whatever higher power you believe in has infinite ways to deliver your manifestations.

So instead of wasting precious time on HOW, let’s embrace the WHO.  

Embrace The WhoThat is WHO you will be when your manifestation arrives.  Who will you be when you have the ideal business of your dreams?  Will you play tennis once a week?  Or will you have a weekly lunch date with your girlfriends?  Will you work 3 days a week?  When you have manifested that dream vacation what type of swimsuit will you wear?  When you have the love of your life where will you drive for a romantic evening ride?  


The point is, WHO you BE is far more important than HOW your manifestation shows up.  

The key is to embrace your today, but begin to step into being your future self now.  Whatever your manifestations are, align something from your manifestation into your life NOW.  It can be something as simple as a 2-minute brain break where you meditate.  But my biggest recommendation is to become an alignment detective and seek opportunities to align with your manifestations NOW.

The point is, you must release the HOW, and get a clear picture of WHO you will be with your manifestation.  Go to the movies during the day, eat appetizers at the fancy restaurants, but step into being the person who has that manifestation NOW!


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Lynn Owens is a former public elementary school teacher and administrator, turned entrepreneur.  She found her true passion and purpose when she became a LOA Coach. Through her tried-and-true practices, Lynn helps clients "get off the merry-go-round" of frustration and lack, and step into their true purpose and passion of living the life of their dreams.  Learn more about Lynn here!








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