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Powerful Confidence Building Tips That Will Make You Believe in Yourself!

"All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure."
~ Mark Twain


Are you ever afraid of leaving your house thinking people will judge you? Do you ever question your beliefs or potential actions based on what you think other people may think? Believe it or not, these fears can be very frequent and even normal. However, having these insecurities and limiting beliefs can get in the way of our goals, dreams, aspirations, and success.

Fear of failure combined with low self confidence will only fuel negative thoughts and self-doubt. But the key to overcoming this takes time, persistence, and mental practice. Even the greatest leaders and most successful entrepreneurs in the world have lacked self-confidence at one point or another. But what sets them apart from others is that they understand self-confidence isn’t a static concept - it’s a mindset that takes time and effort to maintain and master.

When you have low self-esteem and self-worth, you feel negative about yourself, and you may even act in a self-destructive, or self-defeating manner. So, if you are struggling with your self-confidence, here are 5 powerful and effective tips to help you believe in yourself and amplify your manifesting power!

1. Remember your ideas are worth something

Most brilliant ideas come from within. In times of serenity, or sometimes even in desperation, your mind often produces great ideas and action plans. But if you don’t believe your thoughts and ideas have value, you certainly won’t act on them. I recommend chasing the dream job you want, pitching the invention idea you have, and pursuing the new opportunities that cross your mind! Life is too short to not recognize your value, and the second that you do, your self-confidence will be through the roof!

2. Positivity goes a long way

This is one of the most crucial ingredients for building your self-confidence. When you come up with an idea or make a plan of action, always remember to think positively. It’s the foundation of the Law of Attraction! When you think positively, you attract positive vibrations and thoughts. The best way to practice positivity is to use affirmations. Say them out loud daily; when you wake up, while you're in the shower, or even at work. If you start practicing positivity, your self-confidence will truly reach a level wherein you'll believe that you can do anything.

3. Dress to impress

Believe it or not, physical appearance plays a major role in building self-esteem and strong confidence. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: when you look good, you feel good! Neat clothes, properly groomed hair, and the like, are all great confidence boosters. It may seem odd to say, but the style and clothes you choose to present can reflect and even affect your mood, your thoughts, and even your actions. When you dress to impress, you look good, feel better, and will likely try your best in any given situation. 

4. Take note of your body language

Stand tall and be proud. When you walk down the street, know you have a purpose and (most often) a known destination. Slouching and avoiding people comes off as shy and timid, the direct opposite of confidence. Look people in the eye and acknowledge them when they speak. Next time you have a conversation with someone, notice how you’re holding your arms. What is the expression on your face? If you don’t think your body has a language of its own, you may want to think again. People often perceive you based on the way you present and hold yourself physically. Understanding and managing your body language will certainly boost your self-confidence! 

5. Know and trust yourself

This might be the most important aspect to building self-confidence. The only person who truly knows yourself - in every single way - is you! So believe in yourself. When you apply for a promotion at work, you need to trust that you are the right person for that job. Or when you try to make a move on that special person - take a leap of faith. Go for it! If you have an idea, don’t let it slip. Pursue it, chase your dreams and don’t let fear hold you back. 

When you start to practice these 5 things, your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth will reach new, soaring heights. 

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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