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Our 7 BEST Instagram Posts from 2017!

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Don’t you just love when you’re scrolling your Instagram feed and you suddenly see a post that seems as if it’s speaking directly to you?

Or how about coming across a funny meme that makes you laugh when you’re feeling bored? 

At Mind Movies, we’re always looking to entertain, motivate and inspire you to achieve your dreams

That’s why we never underestimate the power of a good quote, meme or affirmation.

And today, we’d like to relive the highlights of the past year with our 7 best Instagram posts from 2017 according to our community of 21.4k followers. 

I hope they’re coming to you at the right time and put a smile on your face ;-) 

Quote Empaths

Quote Love & Happiness

Quote No Quitting

Quote Gratitude

Quote New Mindset

Affirmation Money

Quote Belief

Which one is your favorite? Do you have another preferred quote or meme that quickly shifts your motivation, your attitude, or your mindset around a challenging situation?

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