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Improve Your Brain Health & Boost Productivity & Focus

Improve Your Brain Health & Boost Productivity & Focus


When it comes to memory, the brain does quite a bit of work to make sure we’re staying sharp and focused. And just like any muscle, the brain too needs to be exercised in a way that helps to strengthen memory, brain function, and productivity. When you think about it, our brains are involved in just about everything we do, so taking care of our brain health should always be at the top of our to-do list! That’s why today, I’m sharing with you some easy memory-boosting brain exercises proven to boost brain health.

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1. Putting the pieces together

Combatting memory loss can feel frustrating, especially in moments when you are expected to perform at your best. That’s why it’s important to train your brain with the kind of skills that require focus. This is why jigsaw puzzles are an excellent technique for improving brain strength. When you’re forced to look at the smaller pieces and put them together to make a whole, you’re providing your brain with just the right amount of attention and focus to see the bigger picture.

2. Learn a new skill

Think back to childhood for a moment and all of the new things you learned at a young age – things like learning the alphabet or even riding a bike. Now think about how long those skills have stuck with you since then. It’s pretty amazing what our brains can remember, right? Well, when you learn new skills, you are essentially creating new pathways or connections in the brain. Not only does this improve memory function, but it keeps the neural pathways inside your brain nice and strong. This can be learning how to draw or basic car repairs – there are endless new skills you can learn to boost brain function starting today!

3. Mnemonic devices

How do you remember your ABCs? Well, chances are, your brain is recalling a little tune right now that you learned years ago that lists all the letters of the alphabet in song form. Just like the alphabet song has been used in early childhood development, the use of mnemonic devices is an excellent way to improve memory. A mnemonic device is essentially something related to your memory or used to help you remember, like a formula or rhyme. That’s why associating a piece of information with a song, rhyme, or even an acronym can help us remember that information for years to come. And the great thing is you can use different mnemonic strategies to remember important dates, people’s names, how to spell certain words and remember the order of things, which can actually be quite fun.

4. Meditation

If you’ve been following me already, you probably know how important meditation is in my daily life. The benefits of meditation are endless and also happen to include improved memory! You see, when you meditate, allowing your brain to mindfully process information in a way that cuts down on stress, worry, and anxiety. Not only does this promote a healthier way of life, but it allows you to feel fully in tune and focused, strengthening the brain along the way.

5. Dance

Not only is dancing an amazing form of exercise but learning new dance moves can actually help your brain with processing information and memory. So when was the last time you learned a new choreographed dance? Perhaps it’s been a while, and that’s okay! :-) Salsa dance, tap, and Zumba are only a few of the many great dance classes you can try to keep your brain functioning properly, as you can expect to see improvements in intellectual, motor, cognitive, emotional, and perceptual abilities. And who knows, you just may pick up your new favorite hobby in the meantime!

6. Change it up

Sometimes when we do the same things over and over again, our brains get so used to the autopilot routine that we’re not actively forming new neural pathways in our brains to learn new things. That’s what embracing change, even in simple forms like taking a new route to work or taking a walk on a different path are great ways to keep brain function on the up and up. So start small because even the simple shifts you make each day can have a huge impact in the long run when it comes to brain health.

7. Get some quality shut-eye

I can’t stress enough how important sleep is to our overall health and wellbeing. Sleeping for around seven to eight hours each night is essential for maintaining good health. And studies reveal that improved sleep is also fantastic for memory! Because when you deprive yourself of sleep, you are depriving your brain of the functioning it requires to focus, absorb information, and even be creative.

And because sleep is one of the most important things for improved brain health, especially in the long term, I’d like to offer you a very special gift… It’s a soothing technology that combines guided audio, powerful music, and delta waves that provides you with restful, quality sleep. So if you’re struggling right now to get the quality sleep you need (and deserve!), go here now to experience ultimate relaxation and fall asleep as easily as you can snap your fingers starting tonight! So, are you ready to claim the deepest, most rewarding sleep of your life? Try Delta Sleep, the ultimate sleep meditation system right here.



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