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Activating Your Ideal Vision for a Life You Love: 5 Steps to Living Your Dreams

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Today on the blog, we share a special article from guest blogger and Law of Attraction coach, Deborah D’Ippolito.

Have you ever taken a vacation and then returned to work and someone asks you “How was your vacation?"  And you say, “Great!” and proceed to tell them about how much fun you had.  Then they follow with “Yeah, but now it's back to reality."  


These words are not intentionally deflating people, but perhaps they are not aware of their power. I used to get frustrated when people said that because I knew there was something wrong with that "but now it's back to reality" stuff.   

I would show up for work one way, and then feel and act like a totally different person outside of work.  My desire for a better way to live is what inspired me to think  differently in all parts of my life.  That's why I'm so happy and thankful I'm getting to connect with YOU here about living a vision driven life.

Your energy is so powerful.  You probably have heard this, but you may not have realized the extent to which you CAN live a life YOU LOVE.

Wherever you are on your journey of life, you probably have desires for something more.  We all do.  It's as natural as the growth of a plant or flower.  YOU ARE MEANT to realize your fondest desires.  I never used to believe that until I became interested in and curious about universal laws.

Now, after many years of study, degrees and certifications, and many life experiences later, I realize it's as true as the air we breath.  The divine is seeking a fuller expression of its essence through you and I.  We feel much happier when we choose to honor that rather than shrugging it off like it's not valid.  A lot of us get stuck on the how. That's not our job - as you may already know.  The divine handles the details!  It's our job to direct our being toward our true purpose and live successfully by design.

Living a vision-driven life pulls you toward life that has meaning for you.  To me, a vision is  something I create from my heart.  Then, I close my eyes and imagine it fully.

Here are 5 steps I learned that you can use today to begin aligning your life and all of its activities with a powerful vision.

1.  In the area of your vocation, time and money freedom, relationships and health - what would you love?  

We don't have to be completely clear about a vision to start living from it.   What's interesting is that clarity is revealed when you start taking action.  Your life vision needs to resonate with your values in order for you to feel happy and fulfilled.  As an example, when my male cat passed away, I went about adopting another cat as soon as possible.  I value animal companionship and knew I wouldn't like living without one.  Now I have a girl. 

2.  Write your vision down and expand on it.  

Go for it!  Be unlimited and let it rip.  Self judgement can interfere with allowing yourself to really feel what you know you want and so can limiting beliefs about your worthiness or ability to achieve things.   So what!  Blow that voice of self judgement off!  It's wrong anyway.   Life challenges can sometimes throw us off and we can get down and forget about our inherent worthiness and ability to bounce back and grow.  Our spirit of resilience is more powerful than circumstances. 

3.  Now, you've got the idea of what you would love and can imagine it. Imagine it every day with emotion.  

This is where your Mind Movies come in.   This powerful visualization tool gets in your subconscious  and starts triggering different beliefs in you and then you start taking different actions based on your new self image.   Our mind thinks in pictures and experiential Mind Movies stimulate your joyful vision successfully!  

4.  Now every day move in the direction of those dreams.  

This does not have to be a big deal.  Little steps in each area of your dreams are enough.  You are a powerful divine being - if you are drawn to do something, that desire is put there by your creator and needs to be honored.  The important thing is to let go of the outcome.  Why?  Because the divine is unconditionally loving and you want to be in harmony with its essence as much as possible to allow its beauty to be created through you.   It's like playing with energy - your energy and the energy of that which gives you life.  The reason we do things anyway is because we want to feel good.   Choosing that feeling  as a starting vibration and taking action from that good feeling place impresses your vision and intention in universal substance.  Then, look for signs of your intention showing up and journal about it to substantiate your progress!

5.  Your vision is for sure!  

This is the piece I never used to believe but now KNOW is true!   If you act and behave as the being who has already achieved their vision and feel all of the peace, gratitude, joy and surrender of loving your life NOW, you'll merge with the life you love by divine providence.  You don't have to tell anyone you’re doing that - but if you choose to hang around other people who like to experiment with life this way, that can be a system that advances you and them.   You don't have to spend money you don't have or choose extravagantly, but you do have to shake off what's got you stuck and misbelieving and keep advancing in the direction of that vision!  

For me, misbelieving is misbehaving!!  

There's the part of you that's ready for expansion and the part that wants to keep things the same.  They sometimes battle for control.  Choose in favor of expansion and do what you can where you are to bump up the dream! 

To anchor this last step, consider an example of a manifestation I experienced.  In 2008, my Mom and I visited my sister in California.  We went to San Diego, Beverly Hills, Laguna and Huntington Beach together and had a blast.  I remember thinking, “Why am I living in the cold and cloudy north when my spirit loves the sun and water and  being outdoors?"  In my heart I made a decision with that vacation that one day I would live the "endless summer" lifestyle.  

Returning home from my vacation, I went back to life as I knew it.  It seemed like my dream of "endless summer" was slipping further away from me.  In fact, a couple years went by and I did nothing about this decision to live in "endless summer."  I  didn't abandon that dream, I just didn't do anything to advance it.  This was prior to my becoming fascinated with the laws of the Universe and getting certifications to facilitate helping others follow their dreams.  I now know better than to do nothing about a dream in my heart!  

Two winters later, I suggested to my Mom that we take a cruise in February and get out of the cold.  We were eating lunch and our waitress said she had just found out about a travel agent who booked cruises to Mexico.  Fortunately for me, I am blessed to have an adventurous Mom who enjoys travel.  We decided to book a cruise.

Off to Belize and parts of Mexico’s east coast we cruised!  We took excursions on the cruise; one day we toured the Mayan ruins.  Another day we went jewelry shopping, both of us leaving the port with blue diamond rings!   We also took an Amazon River Cruise where the iguanas seemed to be as long as alligators.  They blended in with the terrain on the Amazon, but I still saw them.

Our cruise ship had dinners as all cruise ships do, and assigned dining arrangements per cabin number.  One evening at dinner, Mom had a preference for a dining table near the window. Happy to oblige, our ship steward moved us to a table with a Canadian couple who snowbirded in the south for 6 months a year.  We became fast friends.   They sold my Mom on the idea of living in their Florida community and invited us to visit them.  So we returned home with plans to visit Florida.  I had enough information about Mind Movies at the time so I created a personal visualization that had photos of my warm sunny lifestyle.  I began watching them and getting excited.

Fast forward six months later, we were visiting our friends in sunny Florida.  In just four more months, we both moved! Hello endless summer. That's the magic of the universe when aligned with your energetic vision.  It sneaks up on you while you're having fun doing something, like being on a cruise ship. 

Keep moving in the direction of your dreams and vision.  It's the movement that counts.  Journal about the signs of movement you see showing up and detach from your manifestation.  Don't try to know the way, don't even make big decisions if you don't want to.  General movement in a consistent fashion exhilarates the spirit and brings new understandings that won't happen from staying put.  The reason we want our dream life anyway is because we want to feel good.  Choose that feeling as a starting vibration - unconditional happiness. 

From this higher resonating vibration, the energy from your intention is impressed in universal substance and manifested according to the perfection of the highest order of all concerned.  Living from the end result of your vision and taking action moves the energy of the divine substance to fulfill the visionary life you've  confidently claimed vibrationally!  Plus, you get to go places and see new things, make new friends and grow along the way.  To me, that's a lot of fun with big payoffs!




Deborah D'Ippolito is a certified Dream Builder and Law of Attraction coach who has studied under the tutelage of Mary Morrissey, Life Mastery Institute CEO and creator of The Dream Builder System. You can learn more about Deborah and her coaching on her website by clicking here.








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