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7 Genius Tips To Organize Your Life

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Now that we’ve all made it through the holidays and your life has (hopefully) returned to a regular pace - Spring is right around the corner! Hard to believe how fast time moves, isn’t it? I truly feel that 2019 will be the best year ever, and rather than waiting for the official start of Spring, I am making a vow to jumpstart getting organized now! The more organized you are, the more you raise your vibration and attract success into your life. It’s a win-win!

For myself, I find that it’s best to set realistic goals when it comes to my yearly organizing and I’m always out there looking for some genius tips that I haven’t found before. Luckily, there are some great blogs out there with tips I hadn’t thought of before, and I’ve now been able to put them into practice in my life.

So without further ado :-), here are 7 Genius Tips to Organize Your Life - 

1) Purge Your Closet (Or Kitchen)

I recently moved, so I was forced to do this - and even though I do it yearly anyway, it’s amazing what accumulates that you haven’t worn or used since the last time you purged. So, as has been said many times before, this general rule applies: if you haven’t used it or worn it in a year, get rid of it. It may be hard - we do get emotionally attached to our *stuff* - but it’s incredibly freeing and opens up space for new items!

2) Donate/Recycle What You’ve Purged

Unless it’s just junk, then take what you’ve purged from your closet or kitchen and donate it. If it is junk, recycle if possible and if not, try to repurpose it. Just do your best not to add to the already overflowing trash in the world! :-) 

3) Prepare Meals Ahead Of Time

This is such a huge time-saver. As much as I travel, it isn’t always possible. But many people on our team bring their lunches to the office rather than always spending on take-out, and a few have told me that they prep the week’s lunches on Sunday evening so that they don’t have to think about it in the morning. I find that to be so smart and efficient. And as they say, if you don’t plan - plan to fail! Plus it saves you from having to stare at the fridge in the morning - wasting time that you could be using to exercise or meditate or enjoy your coffee in bed!

4) Set Up Daily Goals

This is a great habit to get into because you can have a reason to celebrate yourself on a daily basis - and that leads to being in a higher vibration. These don’t have to be big goals; they can be small, realistic goals that you can easily manage daily. For example, you could set a goal to spend 15-minutes a day outside (weather permitting, of course) or making sure that you give yourself a little bit of self-care so that you’re in a mental space to stay on top of your game. 

5) Keep Your Clutter Spots Clutter-Free

Most of us have a drawer (have you watched Marie Kondo’s show yet?) or a closet that we shove things into just to get it out of our sight; or, our desks can get piled up with “to-do’s” that become “never-do’s”. So, assign yourself a time that you will address those clutter spots, organize them, and then vow to yourself that you won’t let it get that way again! (And don’t forget - as Kondo says - if it doesn’t bring you joy, let it go!)

6) Download Organizational Apps

There are some great apps to help you stay organized in almost any area of your life, from emails to finances. I use this to clean up the spam that I receive, and I use this to help keep track of meals that I split in restaurants, or when I need to reimburse someone for a movie or anything else that I might need to pay back quickly. And here’s a great one for managing your to-do lists! These are just a few of many out there - whatever you need help with, I’m sure there’s an app for it!

7) If Possible - Delegate!

If you have kids, put ‘em to work! Just kidding! But when it comes to cleaning at home, that should always be a group effort. Same with work. If there are organizational tasks that anyone can do, then best to split them up equitably.

Hope these tips help! And I’d love to hear what you do to ensure your organizational success. Please share in the comments!

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Happy organizing! ;-)



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