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5 Signs That Your Ego Is Controlling Your Life

5 Signs That Your Ego Is Controlling Your Life


Is your ego sabotaging your happiness?

There's no doubt that one of the most destructive characteristics you can have is an overinflated ego.

While our ego is here to protect us, it can also harm us if we don't properly understand it, or let it get the best of us.

You see, when we understand how the ego really works, then we can use it to find a sense of fulfillment and happiness, without becoming egotistical, selfish or insecure.

That's why, when dealing with your ego, I recommend you try and find a sense of balance instead of trying to suppress it or destroy it, and the first step to finding this balance is to identify when it's not serving you for your higher good.

But how do you know if your ego has taken over your life in a negative way?

Here are 5 signs that will help you discover the answer once and for all...

Sign 1. Nothing is ever good enough.

The ego feeds from the fear that there won't be enough, that's why it's never satisfied, it always craves more!

If things start looking dull in your life (even though all of your needs are being met) and nothing is ever 'good enough', it might be a sign that your ego is out of balance. This is a good opportunity for you to start focusing on what you DO have instead of what you may lack.

Sign 2. You always have to be right.

When you're caught up in an argument... are you trying to make a point or do you just want to prove that you're right?

If you just want to prove you're right, then it's most likely your ego calling for reassurance. And this type of thinking is not only narrow-minded and selfish, it often leads to judgement and negativity.

Instead, try to be understanding and find value in other people's opinions and you'll soon see how this opens you up to new opportunities and new experiences.

Remember that sometimes being happy means making the choice to let go of the need to be right... I hope you'll choose happiness in those moments :)

Sign 3. You're overwhelmed by stress.

Do you become easily concerned when things do not go as they 'should'?

This constant state of fear or worry is also a sign of misalignment.

Your ego is always in survival mode, and even though it's there to protect you from any danger, it can also cause you unneeded stress and fear.

When this happens, it's easy to feel victimized or defensive, so it's important to identify it happening and focus on courage instead of fear. Don't let it stop you from living your life with passion and purpose!

Sign 4. Life is not fun anymore.

Can you remember the last time you laughed at yourself?

I know it's important to take care of business, and be the best person you can be, but being too serious can also hinder your ability to enjoy life itself.

Your ego is always watching over your self-worth, and sometimes it does this by filling you with worry, concern, regret or embarrassment.

So next time someone cracks a joke at you, remember to laugh, life should be fun!

Sign 5. You hate to lose more than you love to win.

Being competitive is healthy when it supports your growth and potential, however you must be aware... the ego loves being the best and it can easily distract you from seeing the bigger picture in life, which is to achieve happiness, love and fulfillment.

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