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100 Ways To Spread Positive Vibes

100 Ways To Spread Positive Vibes


Sometimes, we can overlook and even underestimate the power of just being kind. One of the best and easiest ways to see the Law of Attraction working for you is to start spreading positive vibes or share the notion of positivity in any situation. And I’m not just talking about sharing a motivational quote on social media or throwing up a peace sign. :-) I’m talking about working to make positivity a part of who you are… something that’s completely etched in your character. Learning how to stay positive can be tough sometimes, especially when life gets hectic. But, I’ve found that both sharing and receiving positivity helps keep me on track.

Can you remember the last time someone said something nice to you or made a kind gesture towards you? I can. Want to know why? Well, it’s those small or random acts of kindness that really stick with me, as they have the power to completely turn your day around.

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”

— Mother Teresa

A simple smile or thank you can really go a long way, especially when it’s directed towards someone you don’t even know. And when you practice gratitude by spreading kindness, it becomes contagious! When you start to become more in tune with having positivity as your mantra, you just can’t help but spread the love.

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You see, being kind not only has the power to brighten someone else’s day, but when it comes from the goodness of your heart, it will make you feel good as well, especially when you don’t expect anything in return. Even the smallest gestures can be the most meaningful. That’s why I’d like to share with you 100 simple, random, and lighthearted ways you can spread positive vibes to those around you in your everyday life.

1. Thank a friend for listening

2. Practice gratitude

3. Encourage a friend to go after something they’ve been dreaming about

4. Leave a nice comment on someone’s social media post

5. Offer your umbrella when it’s raining to someone in need

6. Share a smile as you pass a stranger on the street

7. Hold the door for someone behind you

8. Open the door for someone behind you

9. Be there to listen to a friend

10. Share a job opening with a friend looking for a new one

11. Tell your local delivery-person to have a great day

12. Say good morning to your neighbor

13. Compliment your restaurant server

14. Cook a meal for your partner

15. Ask your Uber/Lyft/ride-share driver about their day

16. Offer to let someone with only a few items go ahead of you in line at the grocery store

17. Bring someone a bouquet of flowers

18. Wash the car of a busy parent or family member

19. Practice good body language

20. Tell a friend how great they look

21. Keep a pen handy (in case someone needs to borrow one)

22. Buy a funny mug for a coworker or friend

23. Offer directions to someone who appears to be lost

24. Leave a nice review on the last thing you purchased

25. Help someone put their groceries in their car

26. Give up your seat to someone who needs it on the bus/train

27. Encourage a workout buddy with a high five

28. Replace the toilet paper roll in the bathroom

29. Offer to bring hot soup or remedies to a friend with a cold

30. Purchase school supplies for a teacher

31. Tell a parent what you admire about them

32. Recommend a local restaurant to a new neighbor

33. Draw a funny doodle and give it to your partner

34. Hold the elevator doors for someone

35. Find the good in a situation when others around you are complaining

36. Hug a friend going through a tough time

37. Bring a friend leftovers from a new recipe

38. Leave a bigger tip than you normally would to an awesome restaurant server

39. Let someone merge in front of you in traffic

40. Say hello to a flight attendant and ask about their day

41. Offer to dogsit or catsit

42. Acknowledge the good in someone if others around you are gossiping

43. Tell your employer about a positive experience with a coworker

44. Suggest a fun activity to do with your partner

45. Send a silly joke to a family member

46. Donate toiletries to a homeless shelter

47. Share your table with someone in a busy cafeteria

48. If you see trash on the ground, pick it up and throw it away

49. Offer to take a photo for tourists

50. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line

51. Help a friend move

52. Check-in on an old friend

53. Tip a street performer/musician

54. Volunteer your time at a homeless shelter

55. Having work done on your home? Pass out water to the workers

56. Recommend a good book to a friend

57. Drop off blankets or toys at a local animal shelter

58. Introduce yourself to a new neighbor

59. If you and your partner split the bills, pay one in full next time

60. Stop to let a pedestrian cross on a busy street

61. Drop off unused clothes and shoes to your local donation center

62. Offer to run an errand for a family member

63. Make eye contact as you say thank you when someone has helped you

64. Smile and wave at a baby

65. Offer a family member a ride somewhere

66. Mentor someone

67. Donate toys to families in need during the holidays

68. Bring someone a souvenir

69. Share a healthy recipe with a friend

70. Introduce or connect people with each other

71. Thank a Veteran for their service

72. Offer to grab coffee for your coworkers

73. Help someone lift heavy luggage into the overhead bin on a plane

74. Leave a love note for your partner, so they see it when they first wake up

75. Help cook dinner for a family member

76. Surprise a friend

77. Endorse a coworker on LinkedIn

78. Offer a coworker help on a project

79. Bring food to a person in need

80. Give your partner a massage

81. Say hello when someone walks into the elevator

82. Offer to pick a friend up from the airport

83. Pick up on extra chores for a partner or roommate when they are busy

84. Bring in snacks for your coworkers

85. Make someone laugh

86. Tell a friend what you admire about them

87. Donate books you have already read

88. Help someone in need across the street

89. Generously lend your knowledge/expertise to someone in need

90. Wipe down gym equipment after you use it

91. Pump the gas during a road trip if someone else is driving

92. If you read an article someone else might like, forward it to them

93. When someone makes you laugh, tell them how much you enjoy their humor

94. Tell a person exiting the elevator to have a great day

95. Show compassion for parents tending to cranky children

96. Recommend a friend or coworker for a job

97. Recycle

98. Call your family and tell them how much you love them

99. Reminisce with an old friend on a memorable moment you had together

100. Be kind to yourself

So, how many of those do you think you can confidently accomplish? 10? 20? Maybe only a few? Well, it’s never too late to start spreading positive vibes. So be generous with your kindness, because you will soon see even more positivity directed right back at you. So save this list and don’t hesitate to use it later if you need a little help getting into the positivity flow.

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Here’s to living authentically,


P.S. Comment with your favorites from the list above!



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