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Episode # 99 Passion Peeps - DC Cordova

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We’re going deep on today’s episode of The Inspiration Show! My dear friend, neuroscientist, chiropractor, lecturer and author, Dr. Joe Dispenza, joins us to share the simple steps anyone can follow to trigger a mystical, transcendental, life-changing state of higher consciousness in the mind. You’ll be blown away by what happens to your brain in this state, the seemingly superhuman abilities it awakens in you - and how surprisingly easy it is to experience it (once you know how).

Becoming Supernatural - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Do you suspect there’s an energetic block sabotaging your personal growth or healing? Then hop on today’s fascinating episode of The Inspiration Show as we explore a 2,500-year-old practice that will set you free. Joining me is special guest and Qigong master Teresa Yeung as she reveals how Qigong has helped her heal not only herself, but thousands of others from ailments like high blood pressure, stress, allergies, and physical and emotional imbalances - all by performing a simple form of energy work that anyone can do. So if you’re in need of some energetic loving - join us right now and let’s get you back on track.

The Power of Qigong - Master Teresa Yeung

How does this affirmation make you feel? “I feel completely loved and have the strongest, sexiest and most satisfying relationship I could ever hope for.

Connecting With Your Sexual Soulmate - Susan Bratton

According to New York Times bestselling author Gregg Braden, mankind's biggest crisis isn't global warming, or war, or disease -but rather a crisis of thinking. More specifically, it's about the stories we're telling ourselves daily and how these stories shape questions like: Why are we here? What will the future look like? How will our species survive? On today's episode of The Inspiration Show, Gregg and I explore some of the biggest questions humanity has ever asked itself. Join us.

What Is The Meaning Of Life? - Gregg Braden

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