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Episode # 95 Passion Peeps - Dr. Ray Blanchard

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with professional speaker, educator and Heart Centered Success Coach, Dr. Lise Janelle. Lise joins Natalie to discuss the purpose of life and the secret to living a life you love. During the show, Lise opens up about the tragedies in her life that force her to seek spiritual fulfillment, and shares how she found the deepest transformational experience of her life. Lise explains that unfortunately 90% of our actions are based on old beliefs related to experiences from the past, which prevents us from living authentically, from our heart. She also reveals our mission in life, her formula for a happy, healthy life and how to reconnect with our heart in the present, and create an amazing future.


Dr Lise Janelle

On today’s episode of The Inspiration Show, my very special guest is really good friend and new mom, Megan Duma. Megan joins me to discuss her experience about giving birth for the first time and the reason why she decided to create “Mind Movies For Moms”. During the show, Megan shares that when she got pregnant, and started looking for information and resources that would help her plan her labor with ease, she found nothing but negativity and fear-based ideas. She also explains how she used her Mind Movie to manifest the birth of her beautiful son, and how 'soon to be moms' can harness the power of the Law of Attraction to attract their dream birth. Plus, she reveals the big mistake she made when she created her Mind Movie that almost jeopardize her health.


Megan Duma

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with energy expert, professional speaker and life coach, Vicki Sandler. Vicki joins Natalie to discuss the importance of becoming aware of your energy and how raising your vibration can transform your life for the better. During our chat, Vicki reveals that by the age of 35, 95% of our thoughts, beliefs and actions are memorized unconscious reactions, or in other words, habits; and when we learn how to change our energy, we can change our life. Vicki also shares her 3A’s process that stands for Awareness, Acknowledging your energy blocks and taking Action right now, which is designed to help people release their fears and live a life with passion and purpose. Plus, she unveils her #1 tip to overcome fear and shares an exercise to raise your vibration in only 90 seconds.


Vicki Sandler

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with America’s #1 Breakthrough Coach, star of The Secret and popular TV coach from the Steve Harvey Show, the amazing Lisa Nichols. Lisa joins Natalie to discuss what abundance really is, how to amplify it and how to achieve more prosperity in life. During the show, Lisa explains that abundance is not something that you go get, rather it's something that you grow or expand. She also shares that people that live abundant lives live their passion every day, and honor their gifts. Your gift could be being a great father or mother, being a great listener or even expressing creativity. It is that skill that comes effortlessly to you, and it doesn’t necessarily have to bring you wealth, but it always brings you joy. Lisa also reveals the 5 secret traits all abundant people have and her #1 strategy for shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundant, starting today.


Lisa Nichols

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