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Episode # 103 The Storm Before The Calm

On this exclusive episode of The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, Robert Clancy. As early as at the age of 6, Robert committed his life to assisting others, and learned how to receive the greatest gifts in life: kindness and compassion. During the show, he shares the extraordinary chain of events that inspired him to devote his life to volunteerism and how this too can bring deeper meaning to your life and enlighten your soul.


Robert Clancy - How To Live And Lead With Kindness

If there was one thing you could do to make yourself physically stronger and healthier, live longer, earn more money, be more attractive, invite good luck and opportunity, and quicken the pace and ease at which you achieve things from your dream list, would you do it? Well, the answer is very simple and on this brand new episode of The Inspiration Show, you’ll discover it. Natalie Ledwell speaks with happiness expert, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, Keryl Pesce. Keryl joins Natalie to discuss how to be happy and cultivate this feeling every day, regardless of how many obstacles you believe are currently standing in your way.


Keryl Pesce - The Secret To Happiness

On this heartfelt episode of The Inspiration Show, the courageous Laura Lane joins Natalie Ledwell to discuss her inspiring journey, which started when her daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Little did she know that 500 miles away, another family was going through a very similar experience… and this family would become the most precious support in their life as they were going through this difficult time. During the show, you’ll be reminded of how fragile life is, but most importantly, when and how to surrender to both life and death. It is a source of insight and a great lesson on how to hold on to hope and faith. Plus, discover the important details of Laura’s upcoming virtual summit called “Hope & Happiness For Cancer Kids”, which helps support parents of children diagnosed with a life threatening disease.


Laura Lane - Hope And Happiness For Cancer Kids

For many people, the catalyst of their own spiritual transformation is a powerful event. For others, it is simply meeting a person or reading a random article online that could spark a change in their lives. On this week’s episode of The Inspiration Show, you'll hear how Kevin Hancock went from a stressed lumber executive that had lost his voice, to a spiritually-fulfilled leader, and the unique and inspiring force that led him to his transformation. You’ll discover amazing indigenous wisdom that he learned from living on an Indian reservation and the #1 piece of advice that made the biggest difference in his life... and that could change yours too.


Kevin Hancock - How To Find Spiritual Fulfillment

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