Episode # 103 The Storm Before The Calm


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Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with self-esteem expert, Dr. Joe Rubino. Dr. Joe joins Natalie to discuss his amazing new program called ’31 Ways to Champion Children to Develop High Self-Esteem’, which aims to teach and empower adults about 31 core principles that impact children’s lives, so they can grow into happy, prosperous and well adjusted adults. During the show, Dr. Joe opens up about his own journey that inspired him to become a self-esteem coach and explains the reason why most people are addicted to negative emotions like sadness and anger. He also reveals why it’s so important that children develop a positive mindset from their early stages of life so they don’t have to reinvent themselves as adults.
Dr Joe Rubino
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with clinical psychologist and physical therapist, Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo. On the show they discuss her latest book called ‘Better Than Perfect’, which is a guide to help people crush their inner critic to create more happiness and less stress in their lives. During the show, Dr. Elizabeth explains that fear of failure is what’s robbing people’s happiness and well-being as it keeps them paralyzed and unable to move forward in life. She also shares the negative effects of perfectionism and how to channel it in a different and positive way. Plus, she shares the #1 solution to overcome stress, anger and fear.
Elizabeth Lombardo
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with life and business coach Natalie Jayne. Natalie joins the show to discuss how her ‘Conscious Entrepreneur Blueprint’ is helping people to create profitable businesses that also support overall well-being. During the show she explains that when businesses have fundamental principles that support universal, spiritual or natural laws and they put people, the environment and their conscious before profit, they will see extraordinary success. Plus, she reveals the details of how you can score her 4 step video series where she shares ‘How To Make Love Your Bottom Line’.
Natalie Jayne
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with founder and CEO of The Bulletproof Executive, Dave Asprey. Dave joins Natalie to discuss how, after doing 15 years of research and self-experimenting, he finally found the answer to losing weight effortlessly while enhancing his performance: The BulletProof Diet. During the show, Dave explains why this diet helps you lose weight by filling you up, keeping you strong and even making you smarter. He also shares what the most common foods are that people eat, that are preventing them from achieving their ideal weight. Plus, he unveils the recipe for his bulletproof coffee that allowed him to lose 100 pounds without counting calories.
Dave Asprey

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Natalie : Today on the show, I am speaking to the legendary Neale Donald Walsch about his latest book, The Storm Before the Calm and his take of what?s happening this year of 2012. So stay tuned.

Hi I?m Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show, and today my very special guest that I have with me today is the amazing Mr. Neale Donald Walsch. Hi Neale, how are you today?

Neale : Hello Natalie. It?s lovely to be here with you, thanks for having me.

Natalie : Now the reason that I have you here today is we talking about your latest book, The Storm Before The Calm, which I read and absolutely loved. But before we get in to some questions about the book, what I might ask you to do is just give us little bit about your background and your history up until now.

Neale : Well Natalie, you know I have a very interesting life. Also my life in the media, on the radio or television or news or communications arts, public relations and so forth. But to make the long story very short, around my 50th birthday, my whole life fell apart. And I had no idea where I was gonna go from there, I lost my job, I had a terrible car accident, I broke my neck I was worrying of Philadelphia, a Philadelphia caller a supportive device to keep my head up for a year and a half, I was in physical therapy twice a week for all that time, and my marriage fell apart, everything happened at once, it?s the point I?m making. And I found myself really really taking the kind of look at life and a lot of people took I guess around in age of 50. But perhaps not as dramatically as I do, in fact I wild up having to live on the streets. I feel to the cracks in Social Welfare System and then I was literally walking down the streets , nowhere to live, living outside in an entire year of my life, asking people for a few coins or perhaps some folding money if they would be so generous, it?s like I get least through the day. And that kind of experience Natalie will cost as you can imagine, cost anyone

The Storm Before The Calm
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