Episode # 103 The Storm Before The Calm


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Today on the show Natalie speaks with international speaker, business success coach and certified LOA trainer, James Alvino. James joins Natalie on the show to discuss his signature presentation called 'Here’s Living Proof', which is system designed to challenge, motivate, entertain and inspire people to take charge of their lives with the right mindset and action steps for creating the life they envision. During the show, Jim explains the scientific background of his successful system and gives amazing insights of how to use the LOA in our daily lives. Plus, he reveals his secret formula to altering the physical reality simply with our minds.
Jim Alvino LIVE
Today on the show Natalie speaks with author of 'Bully Proofing You', Jeanie Cisco-Meth. Jeanie joins Natalie to discuss the inspiration behind her book which is a step-by-step plan for 'Bully Proofing You', giving many practical tools that parents, teachers and students can use to deal with this issue. During the show, Jeanie shares her personal journey about how she overcame bullying herself and reveals the most important thing that parents and teachers need to know in order to empower kids to improve their self-esteem and protect themselves from abuse.
Jeanie Cisco-Meth
Today on the show I speak with professional speaker, spiritual teacher and entrepreneur, Sheevaun Moran. Sheevaun joins Natalie to discuss her upcoming live event called I am success now, which is designed to help people become successful in any area of their life. During the show, Sheevaun explains why our inside energy must be aligned with our outside energy to reach prosperity, empowerment and success. Plus, she reveals the effective method she uses to remove the obstacles that create pain, anxiety and fear, in record time.
Sheevaun Moran LIVE
Today on the show Natalie speaks with author, coach and NLP guru, Mr. Twenty Twenty. Twenty joins Natalie on the show to discuss how he was able to heal himself from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being taken hostage in one of the worst prison riots in the United States. During the show, Twenty explains that this traumatic event forever changed his life and why he strongly believes that things never happen by accident, they happen to teach us valuable lessons. Plus, he reveals the effective technique he uses to help people overcome any challenge in life.
Twenty Twenty

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Natalie : Today on the show, I am speaking to the legendary Neale Donald Walsch about his latest book, The Storm Before the Calm and his take of what?s happening this year of 2012. So stay tuned.

Hi I?m Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show, and today my very special guest that I have with me today is the amazing Mr. Neale Donald Walsch. Hi Neale, how are you today?

Neale : Hello Natalie. It?s lovely to be here with you, thanks for having me.

Natalie : Now the reason that I have you here today is we talking about your latest book, The Storm Before The Calm, which I read and absolutely loved. But before we get in to some questions about the book, what I might ask you to do is just give us little bit about your background and your history up until now.

Neale : Well Natalie, you know I have a very interesting life. Also my life in the media, on the radio or television or news or communications arts, public relations and so forth. But to make the long story very short, around my 50th birthday, my whole life fell apart. And I had no idea where I was gonna go from there, I lost my job, I had a terrible car accident, I broke my neck I was worrying of Philadelphia, a Philadelphia caller a supportive device to keep my head up for a year and a half, I was in physical therapy twice a week for all that time, and my marriage fell apart, everything happened at once, it?s the point I?m making. And I found myself really really taking the kind of look at life and a lot of people took I guess around in age of 50. But perhaps not as dramatically as I do, in fact I wild up having to live on the streets. I feel to the cracks in Social Welfare System and then I was literally walking down the streets , nowhere to live, living outside in an entire year of my life, asking people for a few coins or perhaps some folding money if they would be so generous, it?s like I get least through the day. And that kind of experience Natalie will cost as you can imagine, cost anyone

The Storm Before The Calm
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